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ASTM B588-88 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Measurement of Thickness of Transparent or OpaqueCoatings by Double-Beam Interference MicroscopeTechnique.
White Light Fringes—Chromatic aberrations imposea limit to the way a microscope can be used, and the extent ofthese aberrations should be determined. With white light andwith a specimen and the microscope adjusted so that the centralfringe of the color fringes crosses the center of the field, thecentral fringe usually has a different color near the edge of thefield.For example, the central fringe may be black at the centeroff the field and composed of contiguous red, black, and greenlayers near the edge.If the fringe pattern is moved perpendicu-larly across the field,the black central line may becomecolored and an adjacent line becomes black so that the originalcentral line loses its identity.
The change is associated with chromatic aberrationsthat give rise to measurement errors.The operator is advised toscan the field with the central fringe and to note the extent ofaberrations.The observations described in the following para-graphs should be confined to those parts of the field withinwhich the central fringe of each fringe group does not changecolor.
For alternative means of measuring the fringe dis-placement see X2.3,X2.4,X2.5,and X2.6. The methods ofX2.4 and X2.5 can be used if chromatic aberrations interferewith the method of X2.3.The method of X2.6 completelyavoids any chromatic aberrations, but is diflicult to use if thefringe displacement is much more than about five fringes andcannot be used for the nondestructive technique (7.1.1).
Monochromatic Fringes with Stationery White LightFringes—The microscope is adjusted as described in,, or 7.2.2 so that the two groups of color fringes are inthe field.The positions of the central fringes on the reticle andthe reticle interval between them are noted (Fig. 1(A),Fig.2(A),and Fig.3(A)). Monochromatic light is then substitutedfor the white light without disturbing the specimen or micro-scope settings, and the monochromatic fringes within the samereticle interval are counted (Fig.1(B), Fig.2(B), and Fig.3(B)).ASTM B588 pdf download.

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