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ASTM B589-94 pdf free.Standard Specification for Refined Palladium.
This specification covers refined palladium as sponge,cast bar, and wrought forms (Note 1) in one grade as follows:1.1.1 Grade 99.95 (UNS PO3995)—Palladium having apurity of 99.95 %.
NoTE 1Other forms of unfabricated palladium of commerce are notto be excluded under this specification.
NoTE 2—For the purposes of determining conformance with thisspecification, an observed value obtained from analysis shall be roundedto the nearest unit in the last right hand place of figures used in expressingthe limiting value,in accordance with the rounding method of PracticeE29.
The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regardedas the standard. The values given in parentheses are forinformation only.
Referenced Documents2.1 ASTM Standards:E29 Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data toDetermine Conformance with Specifications2. Materials and Manufacture:The metal may be produced by any refining process thatyields a product capable of meeting the chemical requirementsof this specification. The purchaser,upon request,shall beinformed of the refining process used.The surfaces of bars and wrought forms shall exhibitquality generally acceptable to the trade.Chemical Composition:The refined palladium shall conform to the requirementsas to the chemical composition prescribed in Table 1.The value of this material is such that special attentionmust be paid to sampling procedures. The purchaser andmanufacturer shall agree upon the sampling procedures used.5.2 Lot Size Sampling lots shall consist of the following:A single refining lot, and  A single melt or primary consolidation.Method of Analysis:Pending the development of standard ASTM methods ofchemical or spectrographic analysis, or both, the methods to beused shall be a matter of agreement between the manufacturerand the purchaser.Material that fails to conform to the requirements of thisspecification may be rejected. Rejection should be reported tothe producer or supplier promptly and in writing. In case ofdissatisfaction with the results of the test,the producer orsupplier may make claim for rehearing.If the palladium satisfies the requirements of thisspecification, it shall not be rejected for defects in the productsin which it is used. Investigation of Claims——In a question of chemicalcomposition, a new sample shall be drawn by representativesof both parties in accordance with Section 5. The properly mixed and quartered sample shall be divided into three parts,each of which shall be placed in a sealed package, one for themanufacturer, one for the purchaser,and one for an umpire, ifnecessary.The material shall be legibly identified by mark, label,or tag with the following information: palladium (Pd)Gradelot or melt number,and weight to the nearest0.001 troy oz (0.03 g).ASTM B589 pdf download.

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