ASTM B564-04 pdf free

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ASTM B564-04 pdf free.Standard Specification for Nickel Alloy Forgings.
The shear wave test shall be cali-brated on two notches, one notch cut into the inside and oneinto the outside surface.The notches shall be cut axially andshall have a depth of 5 % of the material thickness of /4 in. (6.4mm), whichever is less. Notch length shall not exceed 1 in.(25.4 mm).Notches shall be made either in the piece to beexamined or in a separate defectfree specimen of the same size(within 1/s in. (3.18 mm), shape, material, and condition, oracoustically similar material.The position and amplitude of theresponse from each notch shall be marked on the instrumentscreen or a transparent overly, and these marks shall be used asthe evaluation reference. Indications that appear between thesepoints shall be evaluated on the basis of a straight line joiningthe two peak amplitudes.The longitudinal wave testshall be calibrated on a flat-bottomed reference hole of a givendiameter in accordance with Table S5.1 for specified materialthickness drilled either into the piece to be tested or into aseparate defect-free specimen of the same size (within  1/s in(3.18 mm),shape,material,and condition, or acousticallysimilar material.Holes are to be drilled to midsection and thebottom of the hole shall be parallel to the entrant surface.Theultrasonic test instrument shall be adjusted so that the responsefrom the reference hole shall not be less than 25 % and notmore than 75 % of screen height.During quality conformance in-spection, any realignment of the search unit that will cause adecrease in the calibrated sensitivity and resolution, or both, orany change in search unit,couplant,instrument settings,orscanning speed from that used for calibration shall requirerecalibration.Recalibration shall be performed at least once per8 h shift.Rod shall be testing using the longitudinalwave technique.The scanning path shall be circumferential orhelical with the beam directed along a radius of the rod.s Bar shall be tested using the longitudinalwave technique through one side of each pair of parallel sides(thickness and width only).Rings andother hollow cylindrical products shall be tested using the shearwave method by the contact or immersion technique.The shearwave entrant angle shall be such to ensure reflection from thenotch or notches used in calibration. For contact testing, the search unit shall be fitted with a wedge or shoe machined to fitthe curvature of the piece being inspected.The product alsoshall be inspected with a longitudinal wave test from theexternal circumferential and end surfaces.ASTM B564 pdf download.

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