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ASTM B565-04 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Shear Testing of Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Rivets and Cold-Heading Wire and Rods.
Investigations have determined that the shear strengthdecreases slightly as the clearance between the specimendiameter and the diameter of the test hole in the deviceincreases,and that the effect of the clearance decreases withincreasing specimen diameter. This test method (refer to Fig.1)permits clearances for production testing which should affectshear strengths by no more than 2 %.For referee testing, themaximum clearance shall be 0.001 in.(0.03 mm).
The testing machine shall conformto the requirements as defined in Practices E 4.The forces used to determine the shear strength shall be within the range of thetesting machine as defined as Practices E 4.A shear device of the type shown inFig. 1 shall be used. It shall be made of hardened steel havinga hardness of not less than 52 HRC and the shearing edges ofthe holes shall have a radius of no more than 0.0005 in. (0.013mm). To minimize the possible effect of distortion of the deviceunder force, fitted machined steel bolts shall be used to hold thecomponents together. The mating surfaces between the tongueand clevises shall be polished and shall have a finish of 16 uin.Ra or better. Specimens shall consist of round,solid rivets or shortlengths of wire, either in full cross section or machined to asmaller diameter. The minimum length of the specimen shallbe twice its diameter. The maximum length is not specified asit has no effect on the results of the test. For diameters up to and including 0.372 in. (9.45 mm),the specimens shall be the full cross section of the rivet shankor wire, except that the rivet shank or wire may be reduced upto 30 % in area by machining to accommodate the device size.In the case of wire,rod,or rivets over 0.372-in. (9.45-mm) diameter, it is permissible to turn down to 0.372-in. (9.45-mm)diameter for testing. The machined finish shall be 32 uin.Ra orbetter.The maximum clearance between the specimen diam-eter and the diameter of the test hole in the device shall notexceed that allowed in Fig. 1.Measure the diameter of the specimen to the nearest0.001 in.(0.03 mm) for test specimens equal to or greater than0.1 in. (2.5 mm) in diameter,and to the nearest 0.0005 in.(0.013 mm) for test specimens less than 0.1 in. (2.5 mm) indiameter.
The mating surfaces of the shear fixture should bevisually inspected before use for aluminum buildup around thetest holes. Removal of the aluminum buildup can be accom-plished with crocus cloth or soaking the test device in a causticsoda solution followed by a water rinse and drying. Beforereferee testing, the test device should be cleaned in the abovemanner followed by procedures in 9.2. Since lubrication may have an effect on results (see 5.3),clean the specimens and test device before referee testing (forexample,clean ultrasonically in a suitable solvent) and takecare to avoid touching the specimen and testhole area of theshear device with the hands after cleaning. Place the specimen in the shear test device, assemble asin Fig. 1,and apply force at a uniform rate until completefailure occurs.ASTM B565 pdf download.

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