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ASTM B434-00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium-Iron Alloys (UNS N10003, UNS N10242) Plate, Sheet, and Strip.
The material shall be uniform in quality and condition,smooth,and free of injurious imperfections.
Lots for Chemical Analysis and Mechanical Testing:9.1.1 A lot for chemical analysis shall consist of one heat.A lot of plate,sheet,or strip for mechanical testingshall be defined as the material from one heat in the samecondition and specified thickness.Sampling for Chemical Analysis:A representative sample shall be obtained from eachheat during pouring or subsequent processing. Product (check) analysis shall be wholly the respon-sibility of the purchaser.Sampling for Mechanical Testing—Representativesamples shall be taken from each lot of finished material.Number of Tests:One test per heat.10.2 Tension Tests One test per lot.
If one of the specimens used in the abovetests of any lot fails to meet the specified requirements,twoadditional specimens shall be taken from different samplepieces and tested. The results of the tests on both of thesespecimens shall meet the specified requirements.
Tension test specimens shall be taken from material inthe final condition and tested transverse to the direction ofrolling when width will permit.
Tension test specimens shall be any of the standard orsubsize specimens shown in Test Methods E 8.In the event of disagreement,referee specimens shallbe as follows:Full thickness of the material, machined to the formand dimensions shown for the sheet-type specimen in TestMethods E 8 for material under 1/in. (12.7 mm) in thickness.11.3.2 The largest possible round specimen shown in TestMethods E 8 for material 1/ in. (12.7 mm) and over. The chemical composition and mechanical propertiesof the material as enumerated in this specification shall be determined,in case of disagreement,in accordance with thefollowing ASTM methods:Test Methods E 1473. Thenickel composition shall be determined arithmetically bydifference.
Material tested by the purchaser that fails to conform tothe requirements of this specification may be rejected. Rejec-tion should be reported to the producer or supplier promptlyand in writing. In case of dissatisfaction with the results of thetest, the producer or supplier may make claim for a rehearing.ASTM B434 pdf download.

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