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ASTM B416-98 pdf free.Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum-Clad Steel Conductors.
The breaking strength of the completed conductorscomposed of 7 wires,19 wires, and 37 wires shall be taken as90 % of the sum of the breaking strengths of the aluminum-clad wires,calculated from their nominal diameter and theappropriate specified minimum tensile strength given in Table1, Tensile Requirements, of Specification B 415 (20 % columnonly).The breaking strength of completed conductors com-posed of 3 wires shall be taken as 95 % of the sum of thebreaking strengths of the aluminum-clad wires calculated in thesame manner.
The number and diameter of the wires in the concentric-lay stranded conductors shall conform to the requirementsprescribed in Table 1.
Tests for physical and electrical properties of wires composing concentric-lay stranded conductors made fromaluminum-clad steel wire shall be made before stranding.At the option of the purchaser,tension and elongationtests before stranding may be waived and the completeconductors may be tested as a unit. The breaking strength of theconductors so tested shall be not less than that required in Table1.
Where breaking strength tests are required on thefinished conductor,they shall be made on representativesamples not less than 4 ft (1.25 m) in length.For lots of 10 000lb (4540 kg) or less, two samples shall be taken from separatereels or coils in the lot except that but one sample shall berequired where the total amount of conductor is 5000 ft (1525m) or less.For quantities over 10 000 lb, one sample for each10 000 lb or fraction thereof, shall be taken, but the minimumnumber of samples shall be three.
Specimens of the completed conductor shall be tested ina tension testing machine equipped with jaws suitable forgripping the conductor or equipped for holding properlysocketed specimens. Any test in which the result is below thestated value,and which is obviously caused by impropersocketing of the specimen or due to the break occurring in orat the gripping jaws of the machine, shall be disregarded andanother sample from the same coil or reel shall be tested. For the purpose of calculating mass per unit length (seeNote 4), cross-sections,etc., the density of the aluminum-cladsteel wire shall be taken as 0.2381 1b/in.3(6.590 g/cm3) at 20°C(Note 3).Other constants are given in Table 2.ASTM B416 pdf download.

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