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ASTM B417-00 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Apparent Density of Non-Free-Flowing Metal Powders Using the Carney Funnel.
The test specimen shall consist of a volume of approxi-mately 30 to 40 cm of metal powder obtained in accordancewith Practice B 215.
The test specimen shall be tested as sampled. Note,however, that temperature,moisture,oils,stearic acid, stear-ates,waxes,and so forth may alter the characteristics of thepowder.Weigh the empty density cup to the nearest 0.1 g or,alternatively, place the empty density cup on the balance andtare the balance to zero. Load the test specimen carefully into the flowmeterfunnel and permit it to run into the density cup through thedischarge orifice. If necessary, it may be agitated or pushed byuse of the length of wire but take care to prevent the wire fromentering the density cup.The density cup should not be movedduring the filling operation.When the powder completely fills and overflows thcperiphery of the density cup, rotate the funnel approximately90in a horizontal plane so that the remaining powder fallsaway from the cup.
Using a nonmagnetic spatula,with the blade held perpendicular to the top of the cup, level off the powder flushwith the top of the density cup.Take care to avoid jarring theapparatus at any time.
After the leveling operation, tap the density cup lightlyon the side to settle the powder to avoid spilling in transfer.8.6 Transfer the filled density cup to the balance and weighto the nearest 0.1 g to determine the mass (M) of powder.
The precision of this test method has notbeen determined by a statistically valid interlaboratory test.Results obtained by eight laboratories testing a sample of tinpowder suggest the following:Repeatability r = 1 %(tin powder)—Duplicateanalysis of a tin powder by the same operator and sameapparatus should not differ by more than 1 % at the 95 %confidence level. Reproducibility R = 4 % (tin powder)—The differ-ence between two single and independent results obtained bydifferent operators working in different laboratories on tinpowder should not differ by more than 4 % at the 95 %confidence level.
Since there is no accepted reference material fordetermining the bias for the procedure in Test Method B 417for measuring apparent density (Carney), bias has not beendetermined.ASTM B417 pdf download.

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