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ASTM B415-98 pdf free.Standard Specification for Hard-Drawn Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire.
When resistance measurements are made at temperatures other than 20°C, corrections shall be based on thecorresponding temperature coefficient of resistance shown inTable 2.The electrical resistivity of the material shall be deter-mined in accordance with Test Method B 193.
Dimensions and Permissible Variations:The size shall be expressed by the wire diameter indecimal fractions of an inch to the nearest 0.0001 in. (0.0025mm), that is, in tenths of mils.Within the range of diameters included in Table 3, thewire shall not vary from the specified diameter by more thanthe amounts shown in this table. In computing permissiblevariations, diameters shall be rounded to the nearest 0.0001 in.(0.0025 mm).
If accessible,one diameter measurement shall be takennear each end and one near the middle of the coil or reel. In thecase of reels, the center and one end may not be accessible andthe prescribed diameter measurement shall be taken along thelength of the accessible material. If any of the selected coils orreels fail to conform to the requirements for diameter asprescribed in 7.2,all coils or reels shall be measured in themanner specified.
The aluminum thickness at any point shall be not lessthan stated in Table 4. Measurements shall be read to theclosest 0.001 in. (0.025 mm). In determining the required ormeasured thickness,0.0005 in. (0.013 mm) or less ‘shall bedropped.For greater than 0.0005 in., the next larger 0.001 in.,shall be used. Measurements shall be made by (a) usingsuitable electrical indicating instruments operating on thepermeameter principle, or (b) direct measurement. For refereepurposes,direct measurement shall be used to determinealuminum thickness on specimens taken from the ends of thecoils.
The wire shall withstand without fracture not less than20 twists in a length equivalent to 100 times the nominaldiameter of the wire. In this test the specimen shall be grippedat its ends in vises,one of which shall be free to movelongitudinally during the test. A small tensile load of approximately 15 lb (67 N) shall be applied to the specimen during testing.The specimen shall be twisted by rotating one of thevises at a rate of approximately 15 twists per minute in thesame direction until fracture occurs.The number of twists shallbe indicated by a counter or other suitable device.ASTM B415 pdf download.

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