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ASTM B413-97a pdf free.Standard Specification for Refined Silver.
The value of this material is such that special attentionmust be paid to sampling procedures.If the purchaser and themanufacturer agree that samples most representative of theassay value of a melt are required, the samples should be takenfrom the silver melt as it is ready for pouring into molds.Thesamples should consist of shot or cast pins. On agreement between manufacturer and purchaser, analternative sampling procedure may be used.
The amount of sample taken shall be sufficient to supplythree portions for analysis; the mass of each portion shall besufficient to permit the determination of its composition as setforth in Table 1. After mixing thoroughly,the sample shall be dividedinto three parts, each placed in a package and sealed, one forthe manufacturer,one for the purchaser,and one for theumpire. A brand shall be cast or otherwise legibly marked uponeach bar, by which the manufacturer can be identified. The barshall be marked with the minimum fineness together with themelt number, bar number, and weight to the nearest 0.1 oz troy.Claims to be considered shall be made to the manufac-turer in writing within 30 days of receipt of the material at thepurchaser’s plant,and the results of the tests made by thepurchaser shall accompany such claims. The manufacturer shall be given 1 week from the date of receipt of the complaintto investigate his records, and shall then agree either to satisfythe claim or to submit samples to an umpire. No claim shall beconsidered unless a portion of the original silver bars can beshown to the representative of the manufacturer.
Where the silver satisfies the requirements of thisspecification,it shall not be condemned for defects in theproducts in which it is used.
In a question of chemical composition, a new sampleshall be drawn by representatives of both parties in accordancewith Section 7.The properly mixed and quartered sample shallbe separated into three parts, each of which shall be placed ina sealed package,one for the manufacturer,one for thepurchaser, and one for an umpire, if necessary.The manufac-turer and the purchaser shall each make an analysis, and if theresults do not establish or dismiss the claim to the satisfactionof both parties,the third sample shall be submitted to amutually agreeable umpire, who shall determine the questionof fact,and whose determination shall be final.ASTM B413 pdf download.

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