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ASTM B403-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Magnesium-Alloy Investment Castings.
The supplier shall, on request,furnish to the purchasera certificate stating that the material has been sampled, tested,and inspected in accordance with this specification,and hasbeen found to meet the requirements.
If the purchaser desires to make an inspection of thematerial at the manufacturer’s works where the castings aremade, it shall be so stated in the contract or purchase order.12.2 If the purchaser elects to have the inspection made atthe manufacturer’s works,the manufacturer shall afford theinspector representing the purchaser all reasonable facilities tosatisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordance with this specification. All tests and inspection shall be soconducted as not to interfere unnecessarily with the operationof the works.
Special inspection requirements such as pressure test-ing, X-ray, or fluorescent penetrant must be stated on the order.Unless specific reference is made to the degree of discontinuityby reference to Reference Radiographs E 155,acceptancestandards shall be agreed upon by the purchaser and themanufacturer. When specified, radiography shall be in accor-dance with Guide E 94 and penetrant inspection shall be inaccordance with Practice E 165.
Material failing to conform to the requirements of thisspecification, or in which defects are found during subsequentmanufacturing operations may be rejected. If rejected,themanufacturer shall be responsible only for replacement of thematerial to the purchaser.All of the rejected original materialshall be returned to the manufacturer.The material shall be packaged in such a manner as toprevent damage in ordinary handling and transportation. Thetype of packaging and gross weight of individual containersshall be left to the discretion of the manufacturer unlessotherwise agreed upon.
Packages or containers shall be such as to ensureacceptance by common or other carriers for safe transportationto the point of delivery.
Each package or container shall be marked with thepurchase order number,drawing number,and quantity. Additional information will be contained inside the package orcontainer to identify the shipment by drawing number,quan-tity, alloy, and condition.
When specified in the contract or purchase order,castings shall be preserved,packaged,and packed in accordance with the requirements of Practices B 660.The applicablelevels shall be specified in the contract or order. Marking forshipment of such material shall be in accordance with one ofthe following selected standards for civil agencies: Fed. Std.No. 123,Practice B 666/B 666M,or Practice D 3951.MIL-STD-129 is to be cited for marking supplies for militaryagencies only.ASTM B403 pdf download.

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