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ASTM B401-99 pdf free.Standard Specification for Compact Round Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Steel-Reinforced (ACSR/COMP).
The conductor shall be clean and free of imperfectionsnot consistent with good commercial practice.Before stranding and compacting, the round aluminumwire used shall conform to the requirements of SpecificationB 230.Aluminum wires shaped before stranding shall meetthe requirements of Specification B 230,except for shape,tensile and elongation requirements,and diameter tolerances.The minimum tensile and elongation requirements shall be96 % of those for round wires of the same nominal area,provided the completed conductor is capable of meeting therequirements of Section 7.The area tolerances for the shapedwires shall be such that the finished conductor conforms toSection 12.
Before stranding, the steel core wire used shall con-form to the requirements of Specification B 341,B 498,B 502,or B 802, whichever is applicable.
The cross-sectional area of the aluminum in wires of acompact round ACSR shall be not less than 98 % of thecross-sectional area as specified in column 1 of Table 1.Themanufacturer shall determine the crosssectional area by TestMethod B 263. In applying this method,the increment inweight resulting from stranding may be the applicable valuespecified in 9.1 or may be calculated from the measureddimensions of the sample under test. In case of question regarding area compliance, the actual mass increment due tostranding shall be calculated.
The aluminum cross-sectional area (Section 12) andthe conductor diameter (Section 13) shall be measured on asample of completed conductor. At least one sample shall betested for each size of conductor on each order of quantitiesfrom 5000 to 100 000 ft (1500 to 30 000 m) and oneadditional sample tested from each 100 000 ft thereafter.15.Mechanical and Electrical Tests
Tests for mechanical and electrical properties of alu-minum wires composing the conductors shall be made beforestranding (Explanatory Note 4).
Tests for the mechanical and electrical properties of thesteel core wire shall be made before, but not after stranding,unless otherwise agreed by the manufacturer and the purchaseras provided in 15.3 (Explanatory Note 4).
At the option of the purchaser, at the time of placingthe order, tension and elongation tests of wire before strandingmay be waived, and the completed conductor may be tested asa unit. The minimum breaking strength of conductors so testedshall be not less than the rated strength if failure occurs in thefree length at least 1 in. (25 mm) beyond the end of eithergripping device, or shall be not less than 95 % of the ratedstrength if failure occurs inside, or within 1 in. of the end of,either gripping device.The free length between grips of the testspecimen shall be not less than 24 in. (600 mm), and care shallbe taken to ensure that the wires in the conductor are evenlygripped during the test (Explanatory Note 5 ).ASTM B401 pdf download.

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