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ASTM B404/B404M-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Seamless Condenser and Heat-Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins.
When measurements are made, transversecross sections of 3 or more tubes per each 1000 lb [500 kg] orfraction thereof in the lot shall be taken and polished forexamination with a metallurgical microscope.Using a magnification of 100×,thecoating thickness at four points,90° apart, in each sample shallbe measured and the average of the 12 measurements shall betaken as the thickness. If the tube diameter is larger than can
properly be mounted for polishing and examination.each ofthe portions of the cross section may consist of an arc about 1in. (12 mm) in length.
Tube ordered to the requirementsof this specification, in Alloys 1060,3003, alclad 3003,5052,and 5454, and measured by the use of “go” and”nogo”ringgages, shall not vary from the specified outside diameter by anamount greater than is specified in Table 3.Tube in Alloy 6061shall not vary from specified outside diameter by an amountgreater than that specified in Table 4. Unless otherwisespecified the diameter over the fins shall at no point exceed thediameter of the unfinned ends.The wall thickness, at any point, shallnot be less than the specified wall thickness.The length shall not be less than that specifiedwhen measured at 68°F[20°C] but may exceed that specifiedby an amount no greater than prescribed in Table 5.The cut ends of the tube shallnot vary from squareness with the longitudinal axis of the tubeby more than 1°.
Number of Samples—Examination for dimensional。conformance shall be made to ensure conformance to thetolerance specified. General Quality:Unless otherwise specified, the tubes shall be suppliedin the mill finish and shall be uniform as defined by therequirements of this specification and shall be commerciallysound.Any requirement not so covered is subject to negotiation between producer and purchaser.Surface discoloration that is characteristic of propersolution heat treatment shall not be cause for rejection. If the purchaser desires that his representative inspector witness the inspection and testing of the material prior toshipment, such agreement shall be made by the purchaser andproducer as part of the purchase contract.When such inspection or witness of inspection andtesting is agreed upon, the producer shall afford the purchaser’srepresentative all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that thematerial meets the requirements of this specification. Inspection and tests shall be conducted so there is no unnecessaryinterference with the producer’s operations.ASTM B404 pdf download.

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