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ASTM B372-97 pdf free.Standard Specification for Seamless Copper and Copper-Alloy Rectangular Waveguide Tube.
Samples for chemical analysisshall be taken in accordance with Practice E 255. Drillings,millings,and so forth,shall be taken in approximately equalweight from each of the sample pieces selected in accordancewith 13.1.2 and combined into one composite sample. Theminimum weight of the composite sample that is to be dividedinto three equal parts shall be 150 g.Instead of sampling in accordance with PracticeE 255, the manufacturer shall have the option of determiningconformance to chemical composition as follows: Conform-ance shall be determined by the manufacturer by analyzingsamples taken at the time the castings are poured or samplestaken from the semi-finished product. If the manufacturerdetermines the chemical composition of the material during the course of manufacture, he shall not be required to sample andanalyze the finished product. The number of samples taken fordetermination of chemical composition shall be as follows: When samples are taken at the time the castings arepoured, at least one sample shall be taken for each group ofcastings poured simultaneously from the same source ofmolten metal.When samples are taken from the semi-finishedproduct, a sample shall be taken to represent each 10 000 lb(4550 kg) or fraction thereof, except that not more than onesample shall be required per piece. Due to the discontinuous nature of the processingof castings into wrought products, it is not practical to identifyspecific casting analysis with a specific quantity of finishedmaterial. In the event that heat identification or traceability isrequired, the purchaser shall specify the details desired.Sample pieces selected for purposeof tests in accordance with 13.1 shall be subjected to thefollowing tests.A specimen from each sample piece shall be sub-jected to the Rockwell hardness test (see i5.1).The value forthe Rockwell hardness number of each specimen shall beestablished by taking the arithmetical average of at least threereadings.In the case of Copper UNS Nos.C10200,C10300,and C12000, a specimen from each sample piece shall besubmitted to microscopical examination as specified in Section8,to the embrittlement test,if specified,as prescribed inSection 9; and also for determination of electrical resistivity, ifspecified, as prescribed in Section 10.If any test specimen shows defective machining ordevelops flaws,it may be discarded and another specimensubstituted.ASTM B372 pdf download.

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