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ASTM B370-03 pdf free.Standard Specification for Copper Sheet and Strip for Building Construction.
Samples for all other tests shall be taken from thesample portions of 13.1.2 and be of a convenient size toaccommodate the test and comply with the requirements of thisspecification.Chemical Analysis—Composition shall be deter-mined as the mean of results from at least two replicateanalyses of the sample and the results of each replication shallmeet the requirements of this specification.Mechanical Properties Tests—Tensile strength fortemper O60 and tensile strength and yield strength for all othertempers shall be reported as the results obtained from speci-mens prepared from a sample piece and the results must meetthe requirements of this specification.
When requested by the manufacturer or supplier,aretest shall be permitted when test results obtained by thepurchaser fail to conform with specification requirements.Retesting shall be as directed in this specification forthe initial test(s) except that the number of test specimens shallbe twice that required for the initial test.Test results for all specimens shall conform to therequirements of this specification in retest and failure toconform shall be cause for lot rejection.Preparation of the analytical specimen shall be theresponsibility of the reporting laboratory.Grain Recrystalization—The test specimen shall beprepared in accordance with Practice E 3.Mechanical Properties Tests:The test specimen shall conform to the requirementsprescribed for the specific product described in the TestSpecimen section of Test Methods E 8.The test specimen shall be taken so that thelongitudinal axis is parallel to the direction of rolling.Chemical composition shall be determined, in case ofdisagreement, in accordance with Test Methods E 478.
Test results are not seriously affected by variations inspeed or testing. A considerable range of testing speed ispermitted; however, the rate of stressing to the yield strengthshall not exceed 100 ksi/min. Above the yield strength themovement per minute of the testing machine head under loadshall not exceed 0.5 in./in. (0.5 mm/mm) of gage length (ordistance between grips for full section specimens).Material that fails to conform to the requirements ofthis specification when inspected or tested by the purchaser, orpurchaser’s agent, is subject to rejection.Rejection shall be reported to the manufacturer,orsupplier, promptly and in writing.ASTM B370 pdf download.

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