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ASTM B369-96 pdf free.Standard Specification for Copper-Nickel Alloy Castings.
When specified in the purchase order at least one testcast as shown in Fig.1 shall be prepared for each lot of weldinggrade castings (4.2.6).
The block shall be molded, gated, and risered in amanner to produce a sound casting without defects that mightinterfere with welding or the interpretation of the results of thetest.Alloys included in this specification are generally weld-able. Weld repairs may be made at the manufacturer’s discre-tion provided each excavation does not exceed 20 % of thecasting section or wall thickness or 4 % of the casting surfacearea.
Excavations that exceed those described in 7.1 may bemade at the manufacturer’s discretion except that when speci-fied in the purchase order (9.1.11) the weld procedure shall beapproved by the purchaser and the following record shall bemaintained:A sketch or drawing showing the dimensions,depth,and location of excavations,Post weld heat treatment,when applicable,8.2.3 Weld repair inspection results,Casting identification number,Weld procedure identification number,8.2.6 Welder identification,and  Name of inspector.The castings shall not be impregnated without approvalof the purchaser.
Test bar castings for the copper alloy UNS numbers inthis specification shall be cast to the form and dimensionsshown in Fig. 1 or Fig. 2 of Practice B 208.Analytical chemical methods are given in SpecificationB824. Test methods to be followed for the determination ofelements resulting from contractual or purchase order agree-ment shall be as agreed upon between the manufacturer orsupplier and the purchaser.When specified in the purchase order to meet ASMEBoiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements,castings incopper alloy UNS No. C96200 shall comply with the following:Certification requirements of Specification B 824.12.1.2 Foundry test report requirements of SpecificationB 824.Castings shall be marked with the manufacturer’sname, the copper alloy UNS number,and the casting qualityfactor. In addition,heat numbers or serial numbers that aretraceable to heat numbers shall be marked on all pressure-containing castings individually weighing 50 1b (22.7 kg) ormore. Pressure-containing castings weighing less than 50 1b(22.7 kg) shall be marked with either the heat number or aserial number that will identify the casting as to the month inwhich it was poured.Marking shall be in such a position as tonot injure the usefulness of the casting.ASTM B369 pdf download.

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