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ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288-2015 pdf and software engineering — system life cycle processes.
This International Standard establishes a common framework of process descriptions for describing the lifecycle of systems created by humans. lt defines a set of processes and associated terminology from anengineering viewpoint. These processes can be applied at any level in the hierarchy of a system’s structure.Selected sets of these processes can be applied throughout the life cycle for managing and performing thestages of a system’s life cycle. This is accomplished through the involvement of all stakeholders, with theultimate goal of achieving customer satisfaction.
This International Standard also provides processes that support the definition, control and improvement ofthe system life cycle processes used within an organization or a project.Organizations and projects can usethese processes when acquiring and supplying systems.
This Iinternational Standard concerns those systems that are man-made and may be configured with one ormore of the following system elements: hardware,software, data, humans,processes (e.g., processes forproviding service to users), procedures (e.g., operator instructions), facilities,materials and naturally occurringentities.When a system element is software,the software life cycle processes in ISOIECIEEE 12207:2015 may beused to implement that system element. The two standards are harmonized for concurrent use on a singleproject or in a single organization.
The purpose of this International Standard is to provide a defined set of processes to facilitate communicationamong acquirers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the life cycle of a system.
This International Standard applies to organizations in their roles as both acquirers and suppliers. It can beused by a single organization in a self-imposed mode or in a multi-party situation. Parties can be from thesame organization or from different organizations and the situation can range from an informal agreement to aformal contract.The processes in this International Standard can be used as a basis for establishing business environments,e.g., methods,procedures,techniques,tools and trained personnel.Annex A provides normative directionregarding the tailoring of these system life cycle processes.This International Standard applies to the full life cycle of systems, including conception,development,production, utilization, support and retirement of systems, and to the acquisition and supply of systems,whether performed internally or externally to an organization. The life cycle processes of this InternationalStandard can be applied concurrently, iteratively and recursively to a system and incrementally to its elements.
There is a wide variety of systems in terms of their purpose, domain of application, complexity, size, novelty,adaptability,quantities,locations, life spans and evolution. This Internationa Standard describes theprocesses that comprise the life cycle of man-made systems. lt therefore applies to one-of-a-kind systems,mass-produced systems and customized, adaptable systems. It also applies to a complete stand-alonesystem and to systems that are embedded and integrated into larger more complex and complete systems.
This International Standard provides a process reference model characterized in terms of the process purposeand the process outcomes that result from the successful execution of the activity tasks.Annex B listsexamples of artifacts and information items that may be associated with various processes. This IinternationalStandard can therefore be used as a reference model to support process assessment as specified in ISO/EC.ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 pdf download.

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