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ISO 8100-32-2020 pdf free.Lifts for the transportation of personsand goods — Planning and selection of passengerlifts to be installed in office, hotel andresidential buildings.
This document covers traffic planning and selection of new passenger lift installations in office, hoteland residential buildings.The requirements and recommendations given are applicable to both simpleand complex lift installations.
This document gives guidance to select the most appropriate method of traffic planning for each casewithin the scope.
This document permits the number and configuration of lifts and their main characteristics to bedetermined at the early stages of building design, provided that the size and intended use of the buildingis known.
The purpose of this document is to determine solutions for lift installations to serve the expectedpassenger demands in a building.The selection should meet the design criteria to avoid poor service at all times, as this can limit the usability of the is also important to avoid an over provision ofequipment and the excessive use of space.
Consideration should be given to the long-term use of the building and its potential changes in thefuture, including densification, accessibility, usage and signalling.NOTE IS0 8100-30 gives a globally agreed range of standardized layouts, rated loads and rated speeds to meetdifferent vertical transportation needs and also provides the type of and size of entrance,the shape of car, etc.To achieve higher efficiency, buildings with large numbers of floors may be split into rises, for example,by dividing buildings into a low-rise group and a highrise group with an express zone.Parking floors,restaurant levels, shopping areas,gyms, observation decks, etc., can be served by separate lifts orescalators.
The steps of the design process and their sequence aim to make the overall process comprehensive,reproducible and well documented.Each step is described in this document.
The processing order of the steps is important and shall be followed as described below (AnnexG).a) The building data shall be collected, including the type of the building and its population (6.3).
NOTE 1 The quality of any traffic design is dependent on the quality of the data obtained.
b) The method of traffic analysis shall be selected (5.3).ISO 8100 pdf download.

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