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ISO 6206-1979 pdf free.Chemical products for industrial use — Sampling —Vocabulary.
1.increment : A quantity of material taken, at onetime, from a sampling unit, by a sampling device.
sample : One or more sampling units taken from alarger number of sampling units, or one or more incrementstaken from a sampling unit.
1sample may be obtained from an increment or from a samplingunit, or by combining increments or sampling units.
2 The word “specimen”is used in certain cases instead of”sample”,especially in connection with the sampling of discretematerials.
3.representative sample : A sample assumed to havethe same composition as the material sampled when thelatter is considered as a homogeneous whole.
sampling plan : The planned procedure of selection,withdrawal and preparation of a sample or samples from alot (see 3.2.1)to yield the required knowledge of thecharacteristic(s)(see 3.2.15)from the finalsample(see 3.2.9) so that a decision can be made regarding the lot.NOTE -Considerations of cost, effort and delay usually determinean acceptable sampling error.consignment : A quantity of material covered bya particular consignment note or shipping document.
1lot : The total quantity of material to be sampledusing a particular sampling plan.It may consist of a numberof consignments, batches or sampling units.
batch : A definite quantity of material that may beone sampling unit or a number of sampling units whichbelong together because of their manufacture or productionunder conditions which are presumed to be uniform.3subsampling unit : The practical or hypotheticaldivision of a sampling unit in connection with the assess-ment of variability.primary sample : A collected set of samples (3.1.3)which maintain their individual identities.bulk sample : A collected set of samples (3.1.3)which do not maintain their individual identities.blended bulk sample : A collected set of samplesblended together to obtain a uniform bulk sample.weightedsample : Ablended bulksample theindividual samples of which have been taken in amountsproportional to the quantity of the material that theyrepresent.reduced sample : A sample that has been obtainedby reducing the quantity of another sample without changeof composition (see also 3.3.12). ISO 6206 pdf download.

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