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ISO 5970-1979 pdf free.Furniture — Chairs and tables for educationalinstitutions — Functional sizes.
This International Standard has been prepared adopting theprinciple that seating and tables should be designed to encourage good postures for all thosc using them in educationalinstitutions. The dimensions specified in this InternationalStandard are confined to those which derive from anthropometric data.Compliance with this International Standardensures that the furniture permits good seating postures, yetallows designers and manufacturers the freedom to meet localtechnical,educational and economic circumstances.
Areference stature for each of the seven sizes of furniture isgiven as a guide to its distribution; adjustments to the distribution of the seven sizes to populations with significantly differentbody proportions may,however,be necessary. lt is recom-mended that national surveys are made in order to establish thebest distribution of the furniture sizes for local school popula-tions.
The seven sizes for seating and related tables in this Interna-tional Standard can satisfy the seating requirements in alleducational institutions (other than “special schools”).The higher table heights may also serve as standing workheights for smaller pupils; for standing work heights for tallerpupils the range of heights will eventually be extended in a fur-ther part of this International Standard.
This International Standard specifies the basic functional sizesfor seating and tables in educational institutions. lt does not include any special requirements that apply to “special schools”or to adjustable furniture.This International Standard does notinclude requirements for materials,design,construction orquality.Dimensions for seating are given in table 1, and for tables intable 2.The references to the dimensions are shown in figure 1(dimensions in section) and figure 2 (dimensions in plan).ln table 2 the minimum depth (t) and the minimum length (b,)are for tables specifically for single and dual use.
The leg clearance zone as defined by dimensions hz, h3.h4, b2,t and tg must be provided under all tables at which pupils willbe seated.
Any construction or storage under the table top shall be design-ed to provide a leg clearance zone that is not less than theminimum specified.ISO 5970 pdf download.

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