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ISO 5022-1979 pdf free.Shaped refractory products – Sampling and acceptancetesting.
This lnternational Standard gives directives for samplingshaped refractory products and for obtaining, from a sample ofthe smallest possible size, the most precise assessment possible,of the quality of a consignment.
The methods described below make it possible to carry out anacceptance test based on an assessment of the extent to whichthe specifications have been observed,but do not make itpossible to determine whether the accepted consignment issuitable for a given application or to compare different qualitiesof parts for this same purpose.
This International Standard applies to products manufacturedfrom refractory materials.
lt may be applied when the parties concerned have agreed todo so and have therefore, by common consent, made a choicebetween the various possibilities put forward in this Inter-national Standard, and have specified the various parameters(see 3.2) which must be defined in order to permit the application of the methods described.
lt is also possible to apply the directives forming the subject ofthis International Standard while modifying, by prior agreementbetween the parties concerned , those values which, particularly in the tables, do not follow from statistical laws (see 3.3).
A method which consists intaking note, for every item of a population or of a sample takenfrom this population,of the presence or absence of a certainqualitative characteristic (attribute) and in counting how manyitems have or do not have this characteristic.
The characteristics inspected by attribute are,for example,cracks or other defects which are visible·on the outside, or elsedefects which are revealed on sawing or by a sonic test.Consignments which correspond to a large tonnage shall besubdivided into batches of 100 to 500 t made up in accordancewith the objectives which are being aimed at.These batchesshall be sampled and subjected to tests separately and theymay be accepted separately.
lt will also be necessary to subdivide into batches a consign-ment which comprises products belonging to different classesor in which the items have been obtained by different methodsof manufacture.
Moreover, a consignment shall also be subdivided into batchesaccording to sizes,masses and, if necessary, the shapes of theitems, if the producer and consumer are agreed in thinking thatthese factors influence the characteristics investigated.lf a batch is declared to be non-complying it is possible to sub-divide it into smaller batches by applying the criteria indicatedabove which might not have been taken into account whenmaking it up, in order to ensure greater uniformity of each ofthe new batches made up, and these may be subjected to acceptance separately.This procedure may only be applied after a new agreement has come into operation between the producerand the consumer,and it is expedient to make sure that thenew sampling plans which will be operated provide,for bothparties, similar guarantees to those which would result from thefirst plan used.
For each of the batches made up as indicated above, each ofthe properties inspected by attributes is characterised by a pro-portion of defective units in the batch,and each of themeasurable properties is characterised by a mean value and bya standard deviation.
Statistical control of a production in respect of its quality showsthat,over a period of time,the mean value (u) of a propertyundergoes fluctuations which are due to inevitable variations inthe raw materials, their preparation and the methods of castingand firing. The standard deviation (a),on the other hand,generally varies less. ISO 5022 pdf download.

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