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ISO 5598-2020 pdf free.Fluid power systems andcomponents —VocabularyTransmissions hydrauliques etpneumatiques—Vocabulaire.
1 Scope:This document establishes thevocabulary, in English, Frenchand German, for all fluid powersystems and components,
excluding aerospace applications and compressed airsupply installations.
2 Normative references:There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions:For the purposes of this document, the following termsand definitions apply.
Terms related tokey adjectives and nounsfrequently used in thisdocument.actual,adj.obtained from physical meas-urements taken at a given timeand a particular point.geometric,adj.generated from calculationsusing basic design dimensions,ignoring minor variations in dimensions, such as those due tomanufacturing.confirmed through testing, atwhich a component (3.2.115) orpiping (3.2.531) is designed toensure adequate service lifeNote 1 to entry: The maximumvalue and/or minimum value maybe specified.that which a system, sub-system(3.2.737), component (3.2.115)or piping (3.2.531) experienceswhile performing its function.theoretical,adj.generated from calculationsusing basic design dimensions,but using equations that mayinclude estimations, empiricaldata and performance factors,and not based on actual (3.1.1)measurements.working,adj.values of characteristics atwhich a system or sub-system(3.2.737) is intended to operatein steadystate (3.2.725) operating conditions.abrasion wearing, grinding or rubbingaway of material Note 1 to entry: The products ofabrasion are present in the systemas generated particulate contamination (3.2.133).absolute pressure pressure (3.2.560) using ab-solute vacuum (3.2.785) as areference Note 1 to entry: oeer21.
absorbent dryer <pneumatic> dryer in which moisture is removed by the useof hygroscopic output.output of power which is de-rived from the supply power inall possible states of the valve <pneumatic> valve (3.2.790)that requires a power supply independent of the value or Inputsignals (3.2.399) actual component tempera ture temperature of a component(3.2.115) measured at a specified location at a given time actual fluid temperaturetemperature of the fluid (3.2.316) measured at a spec-ified location in a system at agiven time.actual pressure:pressure (3.2.560) existing at aparticular location at a particular time.adaptor device that allows connectionof parts whose interfaces aredissimilar in size or type.ball valve:valve  (3.2.79) in wh1cn ports(3.2.551) are connected or sealed off by a rotating ballshaped valving element (3.2.79)containing flow paths.bellows actuator:type of single-acting linearactuator (3.2.11) in which mechanical force and motion areproduced by the expansion of a flexible bellows, consisting ofone or more convolutes, withouthe use of a piston and pistonrod.ISO 5598 pdf download.

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