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IEEE C95.3-1991 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for the Measurement of Potentially Hazardous Electromagnetic Fields-RF and Microwave.
IEEE C95.3 Subcommitee I on Evaluation Techniques and Instrumentation was originally organized on April 7,1960, to establishspecifications for techniques and instrumentation used in evaluating hazardous radio frequency (RF) radiation.In June1985 the scope was clarified and the purpose was extended to establish specifications for techniques andinstrumentation to be used in evaluating RF hazards to mankind from exposure to manmade sources of EM radiationor from the exposure of volatile materials and explosive devices to such radiation.It is not intended to include infrared.visible, ultraviolet, or ionizing radiation.
Although the subcommittee’s scope includes hazards resulting from exposure of flammable volatile materials andexplosive devices to EM radiation, this document is devoted exclusively to personnel hazards. This is because thenecessary specifications and definitions pertaining to fuels and explosive devices are still being developed, and thereare implications that the instrumentation requirements may be substantially different from those addressed here.However, the measurement techniques and instruments described here are applicable to the measurement of fields inthe vicinity of flammable materials and explosive devices, even though exposure standards for these situations havenot been established.
The techniques and instrumentation specified herein are useful over the frequency range of approximately 300 kHz to100GHz.3 This frequency range is an extension of that specified in ANSI C95.3-1973[B2], which pertains only tomicrowave frequencies, and of that specified in ANSIC95.5-1981 [B3], which extends from 1 MHz to 100GHz.Nosingle measurement technique or instrumentation arrangement is valid over the wide frequency range covered by thisrecommended practice. In general, measurement techniques and instrumentation developed for use in the frequencyrange above about 300 MHz only measure the electric field strength. Magnetic field strength measurements are,however, required to evaluate near field hazardous situations at frequencies below 30 MHz.Here, measurement of boththe electric and the magnetic field strength is required within one wavelength of the source. A series of commerciallyavailable instruments has been developed for this purpose.For body currents, measurements can be made with simple,portable laboratory instruments over the frequency range of 0 to about 100 MHz.SAR can be measured using RF-transparent temperature sensors over the frequency range of 0 to about 10 GHz.Above this frequency,energyabsorption is confined to the surface of a biological system.Thermographic cameras can be used to measure thesurface SAR up to about 300 GHz.IEEE C95.3 pdf download.

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