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IEEE 610.12-1990 pdf free.IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology.
IEEE 610.12 defines terms in the field of Software Engineering.Topics covered include addressing; assembling.compiling, linking,loading; computer performance evaluation; configuration management; data types; errors, faults,and failures; evaluation techniques;instruction types; language types; libraries; microprogramming; operatingsystems; quality attributes; software documentation; software and system testing; software architecture; softwaredevelopment process; software development techniques; and software tools.
Every effort has been made to include all terms that meet these criteria. Terms were excluded if they wereconsidered to be parochial to one group or organization;company proprietary or trademarked;multi-word termswhose meaning could be inferred from the definitions of the component words;or terms whose meaning in thecomputer field could be directly inferred from their standard English meaning.
This glossary is an update and expansion of IEEE Std 729-1983,IEEE Standard Glossary of Software EngineeringTerminology (ANSI)[3].’ lt increases the number of terms from approximately 500 to 1300, and updates or refinesthe definitions of many terms included in the initial glossary. A few terms that were included in the initial glossaryhave been moved to other glossaries in the 610 series.Some definitions have been recast in a system, rather thansoftware, context. Every effort has been made to preserve the fine work that went into the initial glossary.
Entries in the glossary are arranged alphabetically.An entry may consist of a single word, such as “software,” aphrase , such as “test case,” or an acronym, such as “CM.”Phrases are given in their natural order (test plan) ratherthan in reversed order (plan, test).
Blanks precede all other characters in alphabetizing.Hyphens and slashes are treated as blanks.Alternativespellings are shown in parentheses.lf a term has more than one definition, the definitions are numbered. In most cases,noun definitions are givenfirst, followed by verb and adjective definitions as applicable.Examples,notes, and illustrations have been added toclarify selected by name. A method for passing parameters, in which the calling module provides to the called module a symbolic expression representing the parameter to be passed, and a service routine evaluates the expression and provides the resulting value to the called module. Note: Because the expression is evaluated each time its corresponding formal parameter is used in the called module, the value of the parameter may change during the execution of the called module. Contrast with: call by reference; call by value.IEEE 610.12 pdf download.

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