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IEEE C62.42-1987 pdf free.IEEE Guide for the Application of Gas Tube Arrester Low-VoltageSurge-Protective Devices.
IEEE C62.42 Electrical and electronic sys-tems and networks (facilities) are subject to dis-turbances from external sources of electricalenergy.These sources include electric power cir-cuits and natural phenomena, such as lightningand lowenergy static influences.The effects ofsuch disturbances may be confined to interfer-ence with normal use or operation,as in thecase of noise or interference with signaling; ormay be capable of creating hazards to users,maintenance personnel and equipment.
Lightning. Lightning is a transient highcurrent electrical discharge. It occurs whensome region of the atmosphere attains an electrical charge of sufficient potential to cause di-electric breakdown of the air.
The most common source of lightning is thethundercloud.Charged regions of the thundercloud emerge are shown in Fig 1.This concentration of charge induces a similar, but opposite,concentration of charge in earth beneath thecloud, in another portion of the same cloud, or in another cloud. When the electric field gra-dient exceeds the dielectric strength of the air,lightning discharges,cloud-to-cloud,within acloud, or cloud-to-ground, take place as shownin Fig 1.
A complete lightning flash may last as longass,and may consist of several strokes of highcurrent discharge separated by periods of up toone tenth of a second when current flow is sig-nificantly reduced. Figure 2 illustrates a typicaltime history of a lightning flash [9][28].Direct Lightning Stroke.The crestcurrent magnitude of an actual lightning strokevaries widely. Figure 3 illustrates the distribution of lightning stroke crest current to aerialstructures [10]. Typical surges conducted or induced into wire line facilities would be considerably smaller because of the availability ofalternate paths. As a result,protectors at theterminations of these facilities are normally notdesigned to withstand the full crest current ofdirect strokes.
Indirect Lightning Stroke.In additionto direct strokes,facilities may be subjected tolightning caused potentials in the followingmanners:(1) Induction from nearby strokes to earth(2) Arcing to facilities from the earth, a tree,or a structure incurring a direct stroke.IEEE C62.42 pdf download.

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