IEEE 1020-1988 pdf free

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IEEE 1020-1988 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Control of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants.
IEEE 1020 Definitions provided here reflect industry common usage as related to small hydroelectric power plants, and may notin all instances be in accordance with ANSIIEEE Std 100-1988,Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms [2] orother standards. For more rigorous definitions, or for definitions not covered herein, the reader is referred to the IEEEDictionary and appropriate standards.
accumulator: Container that stores hydraulic oil under pressure as a source of fluid energy.
axial flow: Used to describe any turbine, such as a propeller type with an inlet that directs the water axially toward therunner, as contrasted with radial entry to the runner.
brushless exciter: Direct-connected ac generator with shaft-mounted rotating rectifiers and without a commutator andbrushes.
bulb unit: Propeller turbine and generator, with the generator in a bulbous enclosure in the water passageway.NOTE — The term”bulb turbine” has no meaning.
bus: A conductor or group of electrical conductors serving as common connections between circuits, generally in theform of insulated cable,rigid rectangular or round bars, or stranded overhead cables held under tension.
bypass: A means to pass the flow of water around a turbine to the same discharge outlet.
capacity: Maximum output of a turbine generator unit.
cavitation: With respect to an operating hydraulic turbine, cavitation is the formation of vapor-filled bubbles in highvelocity, low pressure regions of the water passage—for example, around the turbine runner. The rapid collapse of thebubbles as they are propelled out of the low pressure region produces a pressure wave,which can erode nearbymaterial.
circuit breaker: Fast-acting switching device used to close and open an electric circuit and capable of interruption offault currents.
contactor: A device used for repetitive opening and closing operation of an electric circuit, and which has load currentinterrupting capability. It has no fault-current interrupting capability.IEEE 1020 pdf download.

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