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IEEE 99-1980 (R2000) pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for thePreparation of Test Procedures for theThermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Electric Equipment.
IEEE 99 of this recommended practice is to provide a general form for the preparation of test procedures and tosuggest the points to be considered by technical committees in the preparation of specific instructions for the thermalevaluation of insulation systems for equipment. The thermal evaluation of an insulation system involves the thermal(T) factor of influence as described in IEC 505(1975),Guide for the Evaluation and ldentification of InsulationSystems of Electrical Equipment.
These test procedures involve accelerated thermal aging of insulation systems and specify tests which the committeesdeem pertinent, based on conditions of use. The objective of these test procedures is to provide for the functionalevaluation, by test, of insulation systems for electric equipment. The evaluation of insulating materials and simplecombinations thereof is provided for by a separate material test guide, IEEE Std 98-1972,Guide for the Preparation ofTest Procedures for the Thermal Evaluation and Establishment of Temperature Indexes of Solid Electrical InsulatingMaterials.
For a detailed discussion of the principles on which IEEE Std 98-1972 and IEEE Std 99-1980 are based, see IEEE Std1969,General Principles for Temperature Limits in the Rating of Electrical Equipmen. Tests based on IEEE Std 98 1972 may be considered as preliminary tests for insulation system evaluation, but should not be used as accepted testsfor the classification of systems.
Similar insulation systems may be used in different equipment and under varying ex exposure conditions. It isimperative for the sake of clarity that the test results be identified with the conditions of use and failure criteria as wellas the temperature classification and desired life expectancy.
An insulation system is an assembly of insulating materials in a particular type, and sometimes size, of equipment. Ingeneral, a specific piece of equipment has one insulation system, but for some types of equipment having two or moresubassemblies, it may be desirable to consider that there are a corresponding number of insulation systems.IEEE 99 pdf download.

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