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IEEE 377-1980 (R2003) pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Measurement of Spurious Emission fromLand-Mobile Communication Transmitters.
IEEE 377 practice covers definitions of terms, controlled test conditions, test apparatus, test methods and datapresentation, all of which form the basis for establishing the energy levels of spurious emissions of mobilecommunication transmitters designed to generate frequency-modulated (FM) signals in the frequency range of 25 1000 MHz. Procedures for measuring both broadband and narrowband spectra are provided for both conducted andradiated emissions. Specified limits are not included. However, reference values which are not limited by the state ofthe art are provided. Transmitter test conditions, apparatus and method are based on standard instrumentation andmeasuring techniques and do not require any special apparatus other than necessary terminal simulators. Theprocedures do not cover the associated antenna and transmission lines.
In those cases where transmitters are equipped with special function subsystems, such as selective calling, dialingsupervision or other keying devices, said systems shall be disabled.An exception is continuous tone modulatedequipment.
This recommended practice does not provide for testing of transmitters which include subsystems that cannot bedisabled or bypassed.
This recommended practice is limited to measurements of single channel voice modulated transmitters independent oftheir application to any specific communication system. Spurious energy levels contained within the transmitter’sintegral control system are not measured. Methods of testing or specific apparatus for use in testing of personalportable type transmitters employing integral antennas and audio input devices are not included.
Definitions given are limited to those terms or expressions unique to the purpose of this recommended practice.Termsused in standard texts, related industry standards or recognized by common usage are not defined, except where theapplication within the context of this recommended practice requires specific limitation.narrowband spurious emission: Any spurious output emitted from a radio transmitter, other than on its assignedfrequency, which produces a disturbance of spectral energy lying within the bandpass of the measuring receiver in use.near field region:The region of the field of an antenna between the reactive near field region and the far field regionwherein radiation fields predominate and wherein the angular field distribution is dependent upon distance from theantenna.IEEE 377 pdf download.

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