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IEEE 530-1978 pdf free.IEEE Standard Specification FormatGuide and Test Procedure for Linear,Single-Axis, Digital, Torque-Balance Accelerometer.
This specification defines the requirements and test procedures for a digital accelerometer which utilizes a linear,single-axis, nongyroscopic acceleration sensor with a permanent magnet torquer (forcer) operated in a [ternary pulsemode, pulse-width modulation mode, analog mode with voltage to frequency converter…]. The electronics areconsidered to be part of the accelerometer which produces a digital output proportional to sensed velocity changes.The digital accelerometer is hereafter referred to as the accelerometer. With appropriate modifications,thisspecification may also be applied to force balance nonpendulous accelerometers.The following documents of the issue in effect, on date of invitation for bids or request for proposal, form a part of thespecification to the extent specified herein. In the event of any conflict between the requirements of this specificationand the listed documents, the requirements of this specification shall govern.
In the event of conflict among the purchase agreement, this specification, and other documents referred to herein, theorder of precedence shall be as follows:
1)Purchase agreement
2)This specification and its applicable drawings
The accelerometer shall consist of a single-axis acceleration sensor in accordance with IEEE Std 337-1972 andassociated electronics, as shown in Fig 1.
All exterior surfaces must withstand the environment specified herein and the handling expected in the normal courseof operation, testing, and maintenance without deterioration which causes nonconformance to this specification.
Detail the procedure for the control of the environment, including tolerances and rates of change integrated with the procedure for the accelerometer test. Caution notes on overload limits on the environmental intensity appliedto the accelerometer can be specified if required.Compliance with the specification performance requirementsshould be demonstrated prior to, during if appropriate, and upon completion of the environmental test sequence.
Procedures for most environmental tests are well covered by existing industry,government,and militarydocuments such as MIL-E-5272,Environmental Testing, Aeronautical and Associated Equipment. Rather thanduplicate samples of existing procedures,the present standard provides (in Fig 3) assistance in selecting theaccelerometer parameters which will be most important to measure in each environment. This selection is madebased on the expected environmental sensitivities of the accelerometer and the cost-effectiveness of the testing.IEEE 530 pdf download.

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