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IEEE 165-1977 pdf free.IEEE Standard Definitions ofTerms for Analog Computers.
analog (ADJ). Pertaining to representation bymeans of continuously variable physicalquantities, for example, to describe a physicalquantity,such as voltage or shaft position,that normally varies in a continuous manner,or devices such as potentiometers and syn-chros that operate with such quantities.
analog computer. An automatic computingdevice that operates in terms of continuousvariation of some physical quantities,such as electrical voltages and currents,mechanicalshaft rotations,or displacements,and whichis used primarily to solve differential equations.’The equations governing the variation of the physical quantities have the same orvery nearly the same form as the mathematical equations under investigation and,there-fore. yield a solution analogous to the desiredsolution of the problem. Results are measuredon meters, dials, oscillograph recorders, or oscilloscopes (see also simulator).analog computer,ac. An analog computer inwhich electrical signals are of the form of am-plitude-modulated suppressed carrier signalswhere the absolute value of a computer variable is represented by the amplitude of thecarrier and the sign of a computer variable isrepresented by the phase (0 to 180 degrees) ofthe carrier relative to the reference ac signal.analog computer,dc. An analog computer inwhich computer variables are represented bythe instantaneous values of voltages. attenuator. A device for reducing the ampli-tude of a signal without introducing appreci-able distortion.
automatic component interconnection matrix(see also problem board).A hardware systemfor connecting inputs and outputs of parallelcomputing components according to a predetermined program.This system, which mayconsist of a matrix of mechanical or electronicswitches,or both, replaces the manual pro-gram patch panel and patch cords on analogcomputers.
autopatch (see automatic component inter connection matrix).
automatic control. In an analog computer, amethod of computer operation using auxiliaryautomatic equipment to perform computer control state selections, switching operations,or component adjustments in accordancewith previously selected criteria. Such aux-iliary automatic equipment usually consists ofprogrammable digital logic which is part ofthe analog,a separate digital computer,orboth.The case of the digital computer controlling the analog computer is an example ofa hybrid computer.
balance check.The computer-control statein which all amplifier summing junctions areconnected to the computer zero reference level(usually signal ground) to permit zero balanceof the operational amplifiers. Integrator capacitors may be shunted by a resistor to per-mit the zero balance of an integrator. Thiscontrol state may not be found in some analogcomputers.IEEE 165 pdf download.IEEE 165 pdf download.

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