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IEEE 502-1985 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Protection, Interlocking,and Control of Fossil-Fueled Unit-Connected Steam Stations.
IEEE 502 presents information regarding the essential subsystems that make up a fossil-fueled unit-connectedboiler-turbine-generator (BTG) station and describes typical interlocking,control, and protection for operating themin a coordinated order to ensure proper start-up and safe shutdown.The primary purpose of this guide is to provide abasis for
1)Qualitative evaluating of overall design of a unit-connected fossil fuel plant
2) Writing general operating guides of an educational nature, thereby serving to aid in acquainting personnel
with boiler-turbine-generator systems.
Every new fossil plant will have its own special operating sequence due to the type of equipment installed and itsoperating company’s practices.However, this guide purports to include in one document a description of variouscycles in a power plant, their sequence of operation, and protection procedures.
The information contained in this guide should be coordinated with manufacturers’ recommendations to establishindividual plant designs.
[1]ANSINFPA 85A-1982,Furnace Explosions in Fuel Oil- and Natural Gas-Fired Single-Burner Boiler-Furnaces.1[2]ANSI/NFPA 85B-1978,Gas-Fired Multiple Burner Boiler-Furnaces,Explosion Prevention.
[3]ANSI/NFPA 85D-1978,Fuel Oil-Fired Multiple Burner Boiler-Furnaces,Explosion Prevention.
[4]ANSI/NFPA 85E-1980, Pulverized Coal-Fired Multiple Burner Boiler-Furnaces, Explosion Prevention.
The text material, simplified flow diagrams, and logic diagrams are presented in the proper sequence for start-up of afossil-fueled boiler-turbine-generator unit.Section 10. describes overall protection of the systems, and Section 11. isa table which summarizes and supplements the guide material.
The NOTES following the flow diagrams and the logic diagrams supplement the diagrams and differentiate betweenthem. Corresponding reference numbers appear on the diagrams only where required for clarity.
Plant auxiliaries in service refers to the many plant subloops which shall be started and run prior to starting the mainsystems. These include electrical control (direct and altermating current), auxiliary power, control and station air, plantlighting, and communication systems. These will vary with the unit and are not detailed.
Major rotating equipment shall be started as shown in the various cycle logic diagrams. Such equipment includes fansand boiler feed, condensate, and circulating water pumps.A logic diagram,Fig 3, covers the steps for putting this typeof equipment into service.A similar diagram would apply, with minor variations, to each piece of rotating equipmentof the plant.IEEE 502 pdf download.

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