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IEEE 495-1986 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Testing Faulted Circuit Indicators.
IEEE 495 specified in 4.4 shallbe performed by the manufacturer on a sufficient number of FCI’s made on production tooling, using production methods to demonstratethat they meet their ratings and are suitable foroperation under usual service conditions.
Water Submersion Test.The purposeof this test is to verify that temperature cyclingwill not adversely affect the ability of the submersible FCI to prevent the entrance of moistureat all interfaces.
The FCI shall be placed under water with anequivalent pressure head of 15 ft of water at atemperature of 20 C to 30 C for 48 h. The equivalent pressure head of 15 ft of water shall thenbe maintained while the water temperature israised to 70 C and held for 48 h.The equivalentpressure head of 15 ft of water shall then bemaintained as the water temperature is allowedto return naturally to 20 C to 30 C and whilethe water temperature is further lowered to 5 ℃.This equivalent pressure head of 15 ft of waterand water temperature of 5 C shall be main-tained for 48 h.
The FCl shall be removed from the water andvisually examined for moisture inside the indicator and sensor and for any surface deterioration. The temperature of the FCI shall beallowed to return to 20 C to 30 C naturallywhere it shall remain for 3 h. The tests of 4.4.9and 4.4.10 shall than be applied.The tempera-ture of the FCI shall be raised to 85 C where itshall remain for 3 h. The temperature of the FCIshall be held at 85 C and the tests of and4.4.10 shall again be applied.The temperatureof the FCI shall then be lowered to -20 C whereit shall remain for 3 h. The temperature of theFCI shall be held at -20 C and the tests of 4.4.9and 4.4.10 shall again be applied.
Outdoor Weathering of Plastics Test.A suitable test shall be performed to demonstrate that FCI’s installed in direct sunlight willperform satisfactorily for their anticipated service life. Salt Spray Test. A suitable test shallbe performed to demonstrate that FCI’s installedexposed to salt spray will perform satisfactorilyfor their anticipated service life.Immersion Corrosion Test. A suitabletest shall be performed to demonstrate thatFCI’s installed submerged in water or buried inearth will perform satisfactorily for their antic-ipated service life.Electric Cord Pull-Out Test. The purpose of this test is to ensure that electric cordstrain relief on multipart FCI’s can be accom-plished so that a force exerted on the flexiblecord will not be transmitted to wiring connections. The assembly of a cord and FCI sensor orindicator shall be capable of withstanding asteady straight pull of 30 lb.The detachment ofany cord conductor or any other evidence of mechanical or electrical failure is not acceptable.Impact Resistance Test. The purposeof this test is to ensure that the FCI will notchange an indication from NORMAL to FAULTor from FAULT to NORMAL due to normal han-dling in the field.The FCI shall be mounted perthe manufacturer’s instructions on number 215 kV class concentric neutral cable connectedwith a 200 A class elbow to a 25 kVA lowprofilepadmounted transformer with an upward opening hinged lid.The FCI shall not change an indication from FAULT to NORMAL or fromNORMAL to FAULT when the transformer lidis slammed open or shut.IEEE 495 pdf download.

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