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IEEE 493-1990 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design of Reliable Industrial and Commercial Power Systems.
IEEE 493 Industrial Plants. From 1973 through 1989,the PowerSystems Reliability Subcommittee of the Power Systems Engineering Committee ofthe IEEE Industry Applications Society conducted and published the results of extensive surveys of the reliability of electrical equipment in industrial plants andalso the cost of power outages for both industrial plants and commercial buildings.This included motors,motor starters, generators,power transformers,rectifiertransformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, bus duct, switchgear bus-bare,switchgear bus-insulated, open wire, cable, cable joints, cable terminations,andelectric utility power supplies. The results from these surveys have been publishedin 15 IEEE committee reports, 14 of which are included in this book in AppendixesA,B,C,D,E,G,H, and K.Appendix F gives the procedure used for conducting thesesurveys. It has been considered important that the “reasons for conducting thesurvey” be written down at the beginning of each new survey. It has also beenconsidered important that the final report receive both oral and written discussionat the end of each survey.Some of the IEEE surveys have also included the cost ofpower interruptions, critical service loss duration time, and plant restart time. Themost important results from these 15 surveys have been summarized in Chapters2,3, and 5. Table 10 in Chapter 3 contains a summary of the latest equipmentreliability data from these surveys; and these values are suggested for use in theabsence of better data which may be available from the reader’s own experience.Table 9 presents a guide of where to look in this book for additional reliability datafor each of several equipment categories.
Three important equipment reliability surveys conducted by others have beensummarized and included as Appendixes I,J, and L; these appendixes supplementthe IEEE equipment reliability surveys in some categories in which there has beenlittle or no data and in other categories in which the data is more recent and/ormuch more extensive. These three equipment reliability surveys include:
(1) Cable, cable splices, and cable terminations(2) High-voltage circuit breakers above 63 kV(3) Diesel and gas turbine generating units.An extensive bibliography on electrical service interruption costs is presented inAppendix M.
The reliability survey data contained in this book provide historical experience tothose who have not been able to collect their own data. Such data can be an aid inanalyzing,designing, or redesigning an industrial or commercial system and canprovide a basis for the quantitative comparison of alternate designs.IEEE 493 pdf download.

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