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IEEE 315A-1986 pdf free.American National Standard IEEE Standard Supplement to Graphic Symbols forElectrical and Electronics Diagrams.
IEEE 315A is intended to provide addi-tional graphic symbols and information on in-ternationally approved graphic symbols neededfor use for electrical and electronics diagrams.
This supplement provides graphic symbolsfor use on all electrical or electronics diagramsexcept for those required for
(1) Logic circuit diagrams.See ANSI/IEEEStd 91-1984[4]1.
(2)Architectural plans. See ANSI Y32,9-1972 [2]and IECPublication 617 (1983)[22] Part 11, ch IV.
(3) Street maps and building system layoutsfor cable TV application. See ANSI/IEEE Std623-1976 [8]and IEC Publication 617 (1983)[22] , Part 11,ch III.
This supplement places the IEC Publication617 new material in a practical sequence withrelated material in ANSI/IEEEStd 315-1975[7]. Except where the nature of the revisionsdictate otherwise (for reasons of clarity) exist-ing ANSI/IEEEStd 315-1975 [7]text is notrepeated.
This standard shall be used in conjunctionwith the following publications:
[1]ANSI Y1.1-1972(R1984),Abbreviationsfor Use On Drawings and In Text.2
[2]ANSIY32.9-1972,American NationalStandard Graphic Symbols for Electrical Wiringand Layout Diagrams Used in Architecture and Building Construction.
[3]ANSI/IEEE Std C37.2-1979,IEEE Stand-ard Electrical Power System Device FunctionNumbers.3
[4]ANSI/IEEE Std 91-1984,IEEE StandardGraphic Symbols for Logic Functions.
[5] ANSI/IEEE Std 260-1978,IEEE StandardLetter Symbols for Units of Measurement.
[6] ANSI/IEEE Std 280-1985,IEEE StandardLetter Symbols for Quantities Used in Electri-cal Science and Electrical Engineering.
[7]ANSI/IEEE Std 315-1975,Graphic Sym-bols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams.
[8]ANSI/IEEE Std 623-1976,Graphic Sym-bols for Grid and Mapping Diagrams Used inCable Television Systems.
[9]IEC Publication 27-1 (1971) Part 1: Gen-eral. Letter Symbols to be Used in ElectricalTechnology.4
[10]IEC Publication 417(1973),GraphicSymbols for Use on Equipment.
[11]. IEC Publication 445 (1973),Identifica-tion of Apparatus Terminals and General Rulesfor a Uniform System of Terminal Marking,Using an Alphanumeric Notation.
[12]IEC Publication 617-1(1985) Part 1:General Information,General Index.Cross-Reference Tables.
[13]IEC Publication 617-2 (1983) Part 2:Symbol Elements,Qualifying Symbols andOther Symbols Having General Application.[14]}IEC Publication 617-3 (1983) Part 3:Conductors and Connecting Devices.
[15]IEC Publication 617-4 (1983)Part 4:Passive Components.
[16]IEC Publication 617-5(1983) Part 5:Semiconductors and Electron Tubes.
[17]IEC Publication 617-6 (1983) Part 6:Production and Conversion of Electrical Energy.
[18] IEC Publication 617-7(1983) Part 7:Switchgear,Controlgear,and Protective De-vices.
[19]IEC Publication 617-8 (1983) Part 8:Measuring Instruments,Lamps,and SignalingDevices.
[20] IEC Publication 617-9(1983) Part 9:elecommunications: Switching and PeripheralEquipment.
[21]IEC Publication 617-10 (1983) Part 10:Telecommunications: Transmission.
[22]IEC Publication 617-11 (1983) Part 11:Architectural and Topographical InstallationPlans and Diagrams.
[23]IEC Publication 617-12 (1983) Part 12:Binary Logic Elements.
[24]IEC Publication 617-13 (1978) Part 13:Analog Elements.
[25]ISO 31,Parts 0-11 (1974-1980),Quan-tities,Units, Symbols,Conversion Factors, and Conversion Tables.IEEE 315A pdf download.

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