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IEEE 145-1983 pdf free.IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Antennas.
1.IEEE 145 assumed in this standard that an antennais a passive linear reciprocal device. Thus,where a definition implies the use of an antenna in a transmitting situation,its use in a receiving situation is also implicit unless specifically stated otherwise.
When an antenna or group of antennas iscombined with circuit elements that are active,nonlinear,or nonreciprocal, the combination is regarded as a system which includes anantenna. Examples of such cases are an adaptive antenna system and a signalprocessing antenna system; the complete conicalscanning,monopulse, and compound interferometer systems also fall in this category.
For terms that are quantitative,it is understood that frequency must be specified. Forthose in which phase or polarization is asignificant part of the definition,a coherentsource of power is implied. Whenever a termiscommonlyused in other fields but hasspecialized significance in the field of anten-nas, this is noted in the title.
when applying terms pertaining to the radia-tion characteristics,such as gain,polarization,beam width,etc,to multiplebeam antennas,each port shall be considered to be that of aseparate antenna with a single main beam. Forpolarization-diversity systems which may include active devices,these terms apply to eachpolarization state for which the antenna is adjusted.
2.1 The definitions of terms contained hereinfor the most part stand alone and are easilyunderstood out of context.The terms pertaining to gain directivity and polarization, however,are interrelated and hence require someelaboration.
The viewpoint taken for polarization is that this term can be used in three related meanings.It can apply
(1 ) To a field vector at some point in space (2) To a plane wave (3) To an antenna
The polarization of a field vector specifies theshape,orientation and sense of the ellipse thatthe extremity of the field vector describes as afunction of time. This applies to any field vector: electric field, magnetic field, velocity fieldin a plasma,displacement field in a solid,etc.In a singlefrequency plane wave a specifiedfield vector has the same polarization at everypoint in space.This is taken as the polarizationof the plane wave. Conventionally in electromagnetics the electric field is considered ratherthan the magnetic field. However,in a nonisotropic medium the polarization state of theplane wave requires consideration of all its vector components.The third application of theterm polarization is to antennas. The polariza-tion of an antenna in a given direction is thatof the plane wave it radiates at large distancesin that direction. By reciprocity a plane wavecoming from that direction whose polarizationellipse has the same axial ratio, orientation, andsense will yield for a given power flux density,the maximum response. For best understand-ing, the three related definitions of polarizationshould be read in the above order.
One departure from previous usage should benoted.The definition of the tilt angle of thepolarization ellipse now requires that it be mea-sured according to the righthand rule with thethumb pointing in a reference direction. For aplane wave the reference direction is the direction of propagation.This is advantageous sinceit removes any ambiguity about the specifica-tion of the orientation of the polarization ellipse. It should be noted,however,that thepolarization of the antenna is defined as thatof the wave it radiates,whether it is used fortransmitting or receiving.This means that forthe receive case the coordinate system used todescribe the polarization of the antenna andthe incoming wave are oriented in oppositedirections.IEEE 145 pdf download.

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