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IEEE 1042-1987 pdf free.IEEE Guide to Software Configuration Management.
IEEE 1042 Because SCM extends throughout the life cycle of the software product, the SCMPlan is the recommended focal point for integrating and maintaining the necessary details forsoftware CM. Projects do differ in scope and complexity and a single format may not always beapplicable.ANSI/IEEE Std 828-1983[2] describesa minimum format for plans with a maximum
amount of flexibility. If a section of the format isnot applicable, the sentence ‘There is no pertinent
information for this section should be inserted toindicate that the section has not been overlooked.It is desirable to provide a synopsis for users ofthe Software Configuration Management Plan andfor the managers who must approve it. In eachAppendix to this guide, a synopsis has been pre-pared to set the context surrounding the genera-tion of the sample sCM Plan.For purposes of thisguide,the viewpoint of each synopsis in theAppendixes is directed towards the user of theguide.
Purpose. The theme here is to informthe reader of the specific purpose of the SCMactivity(ies) to be defined in the sCM Plan. It issufficient to write a brief paragraph identifying the system to which the particular SCM Planapplies, noting any dependencies on other sCM or CM Plans. For example,Appendix A emphasizesthoroughness of audits and reviews to assureconformance to contractual requirements for acomputer program product; the theme is rigorouscontrol of the configuration during development.Appendix B is directed towards low cost, quickresponse to changes,and documentation of theasbuilt versions of the computer programs. InAppendix C the theme is maintaining configura-tion control of many computer program productsafter development and while they are in use. Thisis complicated by the necessity to manage third-party software and subcontracted software alongwith internally developed software.Appendix D isdirected towards the complex process of generating computer programs, and includes third-partysoftware and subcontracted software in an environment where changes to configurations aredriven by marketing, engineering, vendor changes,and customer demands,as well as the normaliteration of engineering changes.IEEE 1042 pdf download.

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