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ASTM E984-12 (2020) pdf free.Standard Guide for ldentifying Chemical Effects and Matrix Effects in AugerElectron Spectroscopy.
In general,the guidelines outlined in Practice E996should be used. This practice covers reporting of thespectrometer, specimen preparation,excitation source,ana-lyzer and detector modes,and data processing. Also,if mea-sures were taken to control damage or charging of thespecimen,report those conditions in a manner consistent withGuide E983.
Practice E827 should be used to confirm the elementalidentification.The elemental information should be consistentwith the presumed chemical state identification.
When reporting chemical and matrix effects in anAuger spectrum, the main feature of interest is the Auger peakenergy (reported in ev). This is the energy of the largestnegative excursion in the dN/dE spectrum or the most intensepeak in the NE) spectrum. (Of course,these two peakpositions’measurements will have different energy values.)The energy location of the major Auger peak should be inagreement with the reference value,consistent with the experi-mental parameters and calibrations as discussed in PracticeE996.
The reference level for the energy scale of the electronenergy analyzer and the method for calibrating the energy scaleshould be specified.The relative peak energy shifts betweenthe chemical states of interest and that element in its elementalstate (or some other standard state) should also be reported.6.1.4 Other spectral features which may be useful includethe number,relative energy positions,and relative signalstrengths of the secondary peaks.The reporting of these valuesshould also be in agreement with the reference value andconsistent with the experimental parameters and calibrationsdiscussed in Practice E996.When spectra are presented for publication, the energyrange should be wide enough that the shape of the backgroundon either side of the Auger line is apparent. Shown in Fig.
The second category of chemical information fromAuger spectroscopy is the Auger lineshapes observed fortransitions involving valence electron orbitals.Shown in Fig.4are variations in the lineshapes for electron-excited carbonKLL for different phases of carbon, in Fig. 5 are lineshapes forcarbon KLL for different chemical environments of carbon,and in Fig. 6 are lineshapes for aluminum Lvv for differentlevels of oxidation. While it is possible to relate the prominentpeaks in the Auger spectrum to transitions from particularbands in the density of states (for solids) or to particularmolecular orbitals (for molecules) (8), this is not an easy task.The large number of possible two-hole final states,takentogether with shake-up and shake-off transitions and uncer-tainty on all their final energies and intensities make the job ofconstructing a valence orbital density map from the Augerspectrum next to impossible for all but the simplest systems.ASTM E984 pdf download.

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