ASTM D7903-14 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D7903-14 (2020) pdf free.Standard Practice for Determining the Capacity of Oxygen Removal lon ExchangeCartridges.
Measuring oxygen levels of the water in the input andthe output of the test cartridge in accordance with Test MethodsD888.A continuous recorder is recommended.
Purity of Reagents—Reagent grade chemicals shall beused in all tests. Unless otherwise indicated, it is intended thatall reagents shall conform to the specifications of the Commit-tee on Analytical Reagents of the American Chemical Society,where such specifications are available.3 Other grades may beused,provided it is first ascertained that the reagent is ofsufficiently high purity to permit its use without lessening theaccuracy of the determination.
ASTM D7903 pdf download.All reference to water in this practiceshall be understood to mean Reagent Water Type I or IIconforming to Specification D1193,with the additional re-quirement that the silica concentration is less than 0.1 mg/L.7.3 Dissolved Oxygen lon Exchange Test Water D Preparethe test water by filling tank with Reagent Water Type I or Typell and aerate to equilibrate the dissolved oxygen levels.Calculate the theoretical level of saturated oxygen based ontemperature and pressure, and when this level has been reachedstop the aeration process. Let the test water sit for at least 6 to8 hours and check the dissolved oxygen level. If there is asignificant reduction there may be an oxygen demand frombiochemical oxygen demand (BOD) contamination. If thedissolved oxygen level has remained stable you may proceed with the test. A continuous monitor of the dissolved oxygenlevels in the test water must be maintained throughout thepractice.
A single test requires approximately 1000 L of thissolution for each litre of oxygen removal ion exchange resinthat a cartridge contains assuming dissolved oxygen levelsclose to complete saturation.
Slowly introduce Reagent Water at the bottom of thecartridge until the cartridge is full. Allow water to stand in thecartridge for 1/4 hour to “condition”the resin prior to the test.Expel all air before proceeding.
8.4 Slowly introduce Test Water D. Increase the flow rate Qto the value determined in 8.2,adjusting the rate as requiredwith a valve or other flow restriction in the effluent line.ASTM D7903 pdf download.

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