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ASTM E937-93 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Corrosion of Steel by Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material(SFRM) Applied to Structural Members.
sprayed fire-resistive materials—materials that aresprayed onto substrates to provide fire-resistive protection ofthe substrates.
In this test method replicate panels of bare, shop-coated,and galvanized steel are sprayed with SFRM and subjected toroom temperature and humidity conditions and to 240 h ofconditioning in a temperature- and humidity-controlled chamber.Corrosion induced under these conditions is determined byweight loss3 of the sheets as related to sheets not so conditioned.
It is the intent of this test method to determine relativecorrosive properties of direct applied SFRM that provides anindication of serviceability. Satisfactory performance of SFRMapplied to structural members and assemblies depends upon itsability to withstand the various influences that occur during thelife of the structure,as well as upon its satisfactory performance under fire conditions.
This test method evaluates the relative corrosion of steelinduced by SFRM and determines whether the presence ofSFRM increases,decreases,or has no effect on the corrosioncharacteristics of steel.
This test method requires the application of SFRM inaccordance with manufacturer’s published instructions.Theapparatus,materials,and procedures used to apply the SFRMshall be representative of application in the field.
The density of the prepared sample shall be the same asthe density tested and reported during the Test Methods E119fire exposures or as required by the sponsor of the test.
Determine the density and thickness of each laboratory-prepared specimen. Report in accordance with Test MethodsE605/E605M.
Steel sheets shall be 200 mm by 200 mm [8 in. by 8 in.]by minimum 12 gage and shall be: bare steel——A36 grade,galvanized steel—G60 grade,and shop-coated—A36 gradesteel coated with iron oxide alkyd shop coat primer.
The three sets of specimens shall consist of four sheetseach, in the following categories: bare,shop-coated, andgalvanized steel.
Remove the SFRM,as well as the protective waxcoating, from the steel sheet identified as I and III, from eachof the respective sets.
Remove all surface rust from I and III of the respectivesets with the wire brush described in Section 6 and clean withsolvent as described in 8.2.Weigh sheets 1 and Il of the respective sets to thenearest 0.1 g, and record as lb and IIIb.ASTM E937 pdf download.

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