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ASTM E2012-06 (2020) pdf free.Standard Guide for the Preparation of a Binary Chemical Compatibility Chart.
Various United States governmental regulations forbidincompatible materials to be transported together and requirethat chemical reactivity be considered in process hazard andrisk analysis.A chemical compatibility chart is one tool to beused to satisfy these regulations. Binary compatibility charts are useful teaching tools in general education, in the chemicalplant or laboratory,and for areas and operations where com-monly performed tasks might lead to chemical mixtures suchas might occur during co-shipment in compartmentalizedcontainers,storage in a common area or compositing waste.Compatibility information is essential during process hazardreviews (for example,HAZOP).These charts may provideguidance to terminal operators on DOT HM-183 that requiresthat materials on adjacent compartments of multicompartmenttank trucks are compatible.They provide documentation thatthe potential for inadvertent mixing as a potential source ofheat and gas evolution from chemical reactions has beenconsidered in sizing relief devices. Compatibility charts serveas check lists for use during process hazard reviews, and thepreparation of the chart itself often brings attention to potentialhazards that were previously unknown.
A binary chart only considers pairs of materials andtherefore does not cover all possible combinations of materialsin an operation. A common third component,for example,acidic or basic catalysts,may be covered by footnoting thepotential for catalysis of a reaction between otherwise compat-ible materials,but the form of the chart does not ensure this.There may be reactive ternary systems that will escapedetection in a binary chart.
Chemical compatibility dependsheavily on the mixing scenario (see Appendix X1).Considerincluding the following factors in the specification of themixing scenario,as they, and other factors,may contribute tothe assignment of compatibility.
If the material is a pure substance, as opposed to achemically complex process stream, a good source for com-patibility information in the United States is the MaterialSafety Data Sheet (MSDS). These data sheets are compiled bythe manufacturers and may present detailed, known incompat-ibility problems that might be otherwise difficult to find. Auseful book which appears to be a detailed compilation ofcompatibility data from MSDS sources may be found in (4) Other good sources of chemical reactivity andcompatibility information include NFPA 491 and Refs.(5-9).Finally, do not overlook the myriad of college text books onorganic and inorganic chemistry that provide valuable infor-mation about chemical synthesis.ASTM E2012 pad download.

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