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ASTM E2751-17 pdf free.Standard Practice for Design and Performance of Supported Laminated GlassWalkways.
Glass is a brittle material with different time andtemperature-dependent properties than other solid materialsused as walkways surfaces.Therefore, the type of glass is animportant consideration in the design and construction of glasstreads and glass landings constructed with laminated glass.Post-breakage glass retention is an important consideration in the design of a glass walkway system as a means ofminimizing tripping, cutting/piercing injuries,or fallthroughor fallout of the glass.The structural design shall be confirmed by calculationsby a licensed design professional in accordance with Section 5. If testing is required (see 4.4.1 -4.4.3) to verifypost-glass breakage behavior of the glass walkway, the testingshall be in accordance with Section 6.For laminates with two glass plies, verification testingis required.
For laminates with more than two glass plies,verifi-cation testing is not required provided that calculations com-pleted in accordance with 4.3 demonstrate that the glassassembly has sufficient strength to sustain the full design loadwith any one glass ply broken.
4.4.3 When verifyingpost-breakagebehaviorbycalculation,allowable glass stress for 10 min load duration inaccordance with Table 1 shall be used for all load cases.4.5The manufacturer or designer of glass walkway systemsshall provide installation directions and fabrication and instal-lation tolerances of their systems.The structural integrity of the glass walkway systemafter glass breakage shall be sufficient to support the designloads after any one glass ply is broken. If damage of any kindoccurs, the walkway shall be cordoned off and the installationshall be inspected to ensure structural integrity and pedestriansafety of the system. Use established engineering methods,such as engineer-ing mechanics or finite element analysis, to determine glassassembly stresses and deflections. Such methods shall accountfor temperature,boundary conditions,loading requirements,load duration,interlayer properties,and glass strength.ASTM E2751 pdf download.

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