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ASTM E2568-17 pdf free.Standard Specification for PB Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems.
Definitions are in accordance with Terminology E2110unless otherwise specified.
Definitions of Terms Specific to This Standard:class PB EIFS, n—EIFS where the base coat varies inthickness depending upon the number of layers, or thickness ofreinforcing mesh. The reinforcing mesh is glass fiber mesh thatis encapsulated by the base coat in accordance with EIFSmanufacturer recommendations.Protective finish coats,ofvarious thicknesses in a variety of textures and colors,areapplied over the base coat.
Discussion-Class PB EIFS includes foam plasticconforming to either Specifications C578 or C1289.EIFS-related construction, n- construction that worksin conjunction with the EIFS, but is not part of the EIFS.4.Materials and Manufacture
ASTM E2568 pdf download.The material and specificationsshall be as specified by the selected EIFS manufacturer andshall be defined as in Terminology E2110 except as modifiedherein.The system and its components shall meet or exceed theperformance standards described in 5.2-5.7 of this specifica-tion.
System performance shall be in conformance with theminimum properties listed in Table 1. Component performance shall be in conformance withTable 2.
Fire Performance:System fire performance shall be in conformance withTable 3 as required.Component fire performance shall be in accordance withTable 4. Structural performance shall be in conformance withTable 5. Impact shall be in conformance with Table 6.Inspection Materials supplied by the manufacturer shall be suppliedto the site location in original unopened containers with labelsintact. Upon arrival,the materials shall be inspected fordamage,and the manufacturer notified of any discrepancies.Unsatisfactory materials shall not be used.
A description of the method of packaging and fieldidentification of the material shall include the following:7.1.1 Name and address of the manufacturer.
This specification covers PB Exterior Insulation andFinish Systems (EIFS) defined as an exterior, non-bearing wallcovering providing a weatherresistant exterior wall envelopeon walls required to be combustible or noncombustible, fire-resistance-rated or nonfireresistance-rated. Further,PB EIFSis a system described as being applied over expanded polysty-rene or polyisocyanurate insulation board,an adhesive ormechanical attachment of the insulation board to a substrate, orboth, glass fiber reinforcing mesh, a base coat on the face of theinsulation board, and a textured protective finish coat.ASTM E2568 pdf download.

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