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ASTM E2586-18 pdf free.Standard Practice for Calculating and Using Basic Statistic.
1. For sample data to be used to draw conclusions about the population, the process of sampling and data collction must be considered, at least potentially, repeatable. Descriptive statistics are calculated using real sample data that will vary in repeating the sampling process. As such, a statistic is a random variable subject to variation in its own right. The sample statistic usually has a corresponding parameter in the population that is unknown (see Section 5). The point of using a statistic is to summarize the data set and estimate a corresponding population characteristic or parameter, or to test a hypothesis.
1.2 Descriptive statistics consider numerical, tabular, and graphical methods for summarizing a set of data. The methods considered in this practice are used for summarizing the observations from a single variable. The descriptive statistics described in this practice are: mean, median, min, max, range,mid range, order statistic, quartile, empirical percentile, quantile,interquartile range, variance, standard deviation, Z- score, cofficient of variation, and skewness and kurtosis.
1.3 Statistical inference is drawing conclusions about the:population or its parameters. Methods for statistical inference described in this practice are: degrees of freedom, standard error, confidence intervals, prediction intervals, and statistical hypothesis tests.
2. Tabular methods described in this practice are: frequency distribution, relative frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution, and cumulative relative frequency distribution.
4.7 Graphical methods described in this practice are:histogram, ogive, boxplot, dotplot, normal probability plot, and 9-9 plot.
2.1 While the methods described in this practice may be used to summarize any set of observations, the results obtained by using them may be of lttle value from the standpoint of interpretation unless the data quality is acceptable and satisfies certain requirements. To be useful for inductive generalization,any sample of observations that is treated as a single group for presentation purposes must represent a series of measurements,all made under essentially the same test conditions, on a material or product, all of which have been produced under essentially the same conditions. When these criteria are met,we are minimizing the danger of mixing two or more distinctly different sets of data.ASTM E2586 pdf download.

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