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ASTM E2348-17 pdf free.Standard Guide for Framework for a Consensusbased Environmental Decision-making Process.
Information Gathering: Once the Stakeholder Committee has been formed, theCBED process continues with the Information Gathering. Inthis activity,information is gathered on stakeholder issues,perceptions, preferences and constraints. Various tools may beused to gather information,such as meetings,focus groups,newsletter,web sites,etc. Information is compiled on issuesrelevant to the specific CBED process,possibly includinglegally required considerations,current health status, environ-mental issues, social issues, cultural factors, economic status ofthe region,or other areas,as appropriate. Identification ofissues is critical because this information will form the basis ofthe modeling effort within the Option Generation and ImpactForecasting activity of the framework.It is important to discover what data presently existabout the local economy, human health,the ecology of thearea, and the socio-cultural description of the area. If data donot exist or cannot be found through other sources,thenprimary data collection might be necessary at this point in theprocess. If it is determined that data cannot be gathered for acertain area of emphasis, then it might be necessary to reassessthe stakeholders priorities to find another method in which toobtain this information.The CBED process may proceed once sufficient information has been gathered to allow the Option Generation andImpact Forecasting activity to proceed (Fig. 3).The Stakeholder Committee may wish to define more clearly the criteriait will use to make the determination to proceed.Option Generation and Impact Forecasting:The initial information gathered to identify stakeholder priorities and values forms the basis for generatingoptions and forecasting the impacts resulting from differentscenarios. During this activity predictive methods and modelsare developed to describe ranges of possible outcomes. Thisinformation is used as criteria to judge various decisionoptions.
The Stakeholder Committee will likely need to hiretechnical experts to develop and use the specific assessmentmethods and models. However,it is important to stress that itis the Stakeholder Committee that selects the experts anddevelops the scope of work. Presentation and interpretation ofthe resulting technical reports may be done by (a) technicalfacilitator(s) for the Stakeholder Committee.ASTM E2348 pdf download.

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