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ASTM D751-00 paf free.Standard Test Methods for Coated Fabrics.
1.This test method is used to estimate the relative heat deterioration resistance of fabrics coated with rubber or plastics. No exact correlation between this acelerated test and the natural life of coated fabrics is given or implied since the rate of deterioration during the nommal life of coated fabrics varies widely, depending on the condition of exposure to heat, light, and air and on the composition of the coated fabric. This accelerated test is comparative only and must be evaluated against the performance of coated fabrics, of which both the natural and accelerated aging characteristics are known. This aging test of coated fabrics consists of subjecting test specimens having previously determined physical properties to controlled deteriorating influences for known periods, after which the physical properties are again measured and compared with corresponding properties of unaged specimens. The test involves exposure of the specimens to an elevated temperature in air at atmospheric pressure. The test is designated as an oven-aging test. It does not include exposure to light.
2. The selection of the aging time and temperature will depend on the purpose of the test and the type of coated fabric. This selection indicates whether an acelerated aging or a simulated service (heat) test is being used.
3. The physical properties used to measure the deterioration of coated fabrics, in addition to visual and manual inspections, are breaking strength, burst strength, tear strength, or other desired physical properties. Except as otherwise specified, the determination ofthese properties before and after aging shall be carried out in acordance with these test methods.  Apparatus  Except as otherwise specifed, the apparatus shall conform to the apparatus section of Test Method D 573.
4.1 Prepare specimens as described in these test methods. Use at least three specimens to determine both the original and aged physical properties.
4.2 The material used for identifying the test specimens should not injure the test specimens or become destroyed during aging.ASTM D751 pdf download.

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