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ASTM D713-90 pdf free.Standard Practice for Conducting Road Service Tests on Fluid Traffic MarkingMaterials.
Apply the test stripes 4 in. (100 mm) in width andtransversely on the road.At the option of the purchaser, the teststripes may be applied to the pavement at an angle of 45° to thedirection of the traffic, or longitudinally in each wheel path, inorder to increase the area of contact with traffic.
Apply test stripes (trained personnel under the supervision of the purchaser) by using a pavement-marking machinesimilar to the production pavement marking equipment. Applythe test stripes to at least two sections of each road surfaceselected to ensure against undetected road surface problems.When more than one specimen is tested at more than onelocation,change the sequence of placement to minimize theeffect of time of day and time period before the test deck isopened to traffic.Apply at least two lines of each specimen in eachsection for better statistical reliability. A tared panel as used inthe measurement of glass beads (see 7.1) should be placedbetween the wheel track of one line’s application as a doublecheck for material and glass bead application rates. Weightsbetween this reading and that found in 7.1 should agree within0.5 g.The purchaser may wish to place another smaller panelbetween the wheel tracks to retain for future reference.
The impression of the observer of thegeneral condition of the test lines when viewed without anydetailed inspection, from a distance of at least 10 f. It is ameasure of satisfactory or unsatisfactory appeal to the observer. It includes a comparison of the color of the surfaceunder consideration with the original color, taking into accountchanges due to yellowing, bleeding,darkening,fading,dirtcollection,mold growth,etc. This determination is made ineach wheel track in an area extending 9 in.(229 mm) each sideof the point of greatest wear. The appearance is rated eitheracceptable or unacceptable.
The durability is equal to one tenth of thepercentages of material remaining on the pavement (whenexamined by the unaided eye).This determination is made ineach wheel track in an area extending 9 in. (229 mm) each sideof the point of greatest wear. The percent of paint remaining onthe pavement is considered as the percent of the prescribed areaof test stripe in which the substrate is not exposed. Make theevaluations in accordance with Test Method D 913.ASTM D713 pdf download.

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