ASTM C1070-01 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM C1070-01 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Determining Particle Size Distribution of Alumina or Quartzby Laser Light Scattering.
If required and available,use the index of refractioncapability of the instrument. Many of the common compoundshave their index of refraction listed in the Handbook ofPhysical Chemistry. Many compounds can also be found listedin the instrument manufacturer’s instruction manual. The indexof refraction used should be relative to the aqueous media,which has a refractive index of 1.33. When entering the index of refraction dovide the index of refractionof w atnhr.cono being analyzed by the index of refraction of water.
Measure the background in the mode in which theanalysis will be performed.The dispersion media should beadded to the sampling chamber before the background measurement is performed. Be sure that the carrier fluid is flowingthrough the light path and the sample cell while measuring thebackground,and make sure that no bubbles are present.Background values shall not exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. If the background values exceed the manufacturer’srecommendations, perform the necessary procedures as specified by the manufacturer to bring the background values withinacceptable limits.
Before adding the sample, be sure to use the appropriateamount of the dispersion media to the sampling chamber. Thenadd the test sample.Obtain a test sample using appropriatesampling techniques. Sample-splitting equipment such as chuterifflers and rotary rifflers are available commercially to assist inthese tasks. Refer to the instrument manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure that the amount of the test sample is acceptableto obtain optimum light-scattering conditions. A range ofsample size is acceptable depending upon the median particlesize and particle density.
Select the appropriate run time for the sample. Thisprocedure is very specific to the application and is generallygauged by the run-to-run repeatability.
Perform the analysis according to the manufacturer’sinstruction.
Upon completing the analysis, drain and rinse systemin preparation for the next analysis. Drain and rinse as manytimes as necessary to obtain the background values as specifiedby the manufacturer.ASTM C1070 pdf download.

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