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ASTM D698-00 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil UsingStandard Effort.
The data sheet(s)/form(s) shall contain the followinginformation:Method used (A,B,or C).Preparation method used (moist or dry).12.1.3 As received water content if determined.Standard optimum water content,to the nearest0.1 %.Standard maximum dry unit weight, to the nearest0.1 lbf/ft3.Description of rammer (manual or mechanical).12.1.7 Soil sieve data when applicable for determination ofMethod (A,B, or C) used.Description of material used in test,by PracticeD 2488, or classification by Test Method D 2487.Specific gravity and method of determination. Origin of material used in test, for example, project,location,depth, and the like.Compaction curve plot showing compaction pointsused to establish compaction curve,and 100 %saturationcurve,point of maximum dry unit weight and optimum watercontent.Oversize correction data if used,including theoversize fraction (coarse fraction),P in %.
Criteria for judging the acceptability of testresults obtained by these test methods on a range of soil typesare given in Table 3 and Table 4.These estimates of precisionare based on the results of the interlaboratory program conducted by the ASTM Reference Soils and Testing Program10.In this program,Method A and the Dry Preparation Methodwere used. In addition,some laboratories performed threereplicate tests per soil type (triplicate test laboratory), whileother laboratories performed a single test per soil type (singletest laboratory). A description of the soils tested is given in13.1.4.The precision estimates vary with soil type, and mayvary with methods used (Method A,B,or C, or wet/drypreparation method). Judgement is required when applyingthese estimates to another soil, method, or preparation method.13.1.1 The data in Table 3 are based on three replicate testperformed by each triplicate test laboratory on each soil type.The single operator and multilaboratory standard deviationshow in Table 3,Column 4 were obtained in accordance withPractice E 691,which recommends each testing laboratoryperform a minimum of three replicate test. Results of twoproperly conducted test performed by the same operator on thesame material, using the same equipment,and in the shortestpractical period of time should not differ by more than thesingle-operator d2s shown in Table 3,Column 5.For definitionof d2s,see Footnote D in Table 1. Results of two properlyconducted test performed by different operators and on different days should not differ by more than the multilaboratory d2slimits shown in Table 3,Column 5.ASTM D698 pdf download.

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