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ASTM D692-00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Coarse Aggregate for Bituminous Paving Mixtures.
The coarse aggregate shall consist of hard,strong, durable pieces, free of coherent coatings and conforming to the requirements of this specification.
The coarse aggregate grading shall conform to therequirements of Classification D 448 for the size numberdesignated,or to another grading as stated in the order (seeNote 2).The coarse aggregate grading to be furnished is dependentupon the desired composition of the paving mixture,and whether thegrading to be used in the mixture is achieved with or without blending.Other coarse aggregate gradings may be used provided that the combinedaggregate and filler,when used, will produce a paving mixture thatprovides the desired characteristics.
The size to be used is dependent upon the desiredcomposition of the paving mixture,and the required size orsizes either before or after blending as specified.The coarse aggregates,orthe coarsest fraction of the aggregate for use in surface coursemixtures,shall be of a type known to possess adequateresistance to the polishing action of the anticipated traffic. (seeNote 5)
No standard ASTM method has been recognized to becapable of defining adequate resistance to the polishing action of specifictraffic conditions.Test Method D 3319 has been found useful in evaluatingthe relative polish resistance between samples of different aggregates ormixtures containing different aggregates.The coarse aggregate,when subjected tofive cycles of the soundness test, shall have a weighted loss notgreater than 12 % when sodium sulfate is used or 18 % whenmagnesium sulfate is used. (see Note 6).If the salt is notdesignated by the purchaser, the aggregate will be acceptable ifit meets the indicated limit for the salt used.The aggregate (with the exception ofcrushed blast-furnace slag) when subjected to testing in accor-dance with Test Method C 131 shall have a loss not greaterthan 40 % for surface courses or 50 % for base courses (seeNote 6).
For defining aggregate types, see Descriptive Nomenclature C 294, and Terminology D 8 and C 125.expanded shale, n; expanded clay, n; expanded slate,n——the product resulting from the expanding of selectedmaterials (shale, clay, or slate) in a rotary kiln at temperaturesover 1000°C.ASTM D692 pdf download.

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