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ASTM D622-99 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Rubber Hose for Automotive Air and Vacuum Brake System.
Conduct the adhesion testbetween component parts of fiber reinforced hose in accor-dance with Test Methods D 413,Machine Method.Conduct the adhesion test onspecimens with a minimum length of 380 mm (15 in.) preparedfrom the original sample without having been subject toprevious tests.Place a steel ball of the size specified inTable 1 in the bore of the hose.Completely close one endagainst air leakage and connect the other end to a vacuumpump. Subject the bore of the hose to a reduced pressure(vacuum) of 85 kPa (25 in. Hg) for a period of 5 min while inan essentially straight position. At the end of this period andwhile still under the reduced pressure, bend the hose 3.14 rad(180°) to the minimum radius specified in Table 2 in each oftwo directions 3.14 rad (180°) apart.After bending and returning to an essentially straightposition and while still under reduced pressure, the ball shall berolled from end to end of the hose. Failure of the ball to passfreely from end to end shall be an indication of separation ofthe tube from the carcass due to inadequate adhesion. Reportany separation.Bend a specimen of hose of full circumference around amandrel and tie the ends together where they cross one anotherwith tie wire. The mandrel shall be a diameter twice theminimum bend radius specified in Table 2 for air brake hoseand 8 times the nominal outside diameter for vacuum brakehose.The specimen length shall be about 250 mm (10 in.)longer than the mandrel circumference. Seal the ends of thehose with plugs on caps in such a manner that the reinforce-ment and inner tube will not be exposed to ozone.
A tension testing machine conforming tothe requirements of Practices E4 and provided with anindicating device to give the total force in newtons (orpoundsforce) at the conclusion of the test.Assemble a specimen of hose 450 mm ( 18 in.) inlength, with service couplings.Hold the assembly in the testingmachine so that the hose and couplings will have a straightcenter line corresponding to the direction of the machine pull.Apply a steady tension force to the hose assembly at a speedsuch that the moving head travels at the rate of 0.4 ± 0.04mm/s (1.0  0.1 in./min) until failure occurs,either byseparation of the hose from the couplings or by rupture of thehose structure. Report force to cause failure and the type offailure.ASTM D622 pdf download.

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