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ASTM D3964-10 (2020) pdf free.Standard Practice for Selection of Coating Specimens for AppearanceMeasurements.
Selection-In making appearance measurements it isimportant that the specimens selected be representative of thematerial of interest. Once selected, the specimens must becarefully examined to determine if they are suitable formeasurement,and if not, they must be cleaned or otherwiseprepared. Careful attention to these factors is necessary if themeasurements are to be valid.
Specimen Size—The minimum size is dictated by thesize of the specimen port of the instrument to be used formeasurement. When an instrument provides a choice of speci-men port sizes, use the largest port that can be completelycovered by the specimen. A large measured area helps tominimize the effect of any small area nonuniformity and istherefore more likely to provide results that agree with theinvoluntary averaging that takes place when specimens areobserved visually. In addition,a large specimen also permitsthe operator to make measurements on several areas of thespecimen when desired,thereby providing further specimenaveraging.
Opacity—For determination of gloss or color, an opaquespecimen shall be selected whenever possible. When thespecimen is translucent or transparent,the following practicesshall be implemented:
For Gloss Evaluation-The specimen shall preferablybe sufficiently thick that a secondary reflection from the backor second surface of the specimen cannot enter the receptoroptics of the glossmeter. When thin transparent specimensmust be measured, adopt one of the following procedures:
Back the specimen with a light-absorbing materialof the same refractive index as the specimen,and in opticalcontact with it.Use an agreed-upon specimen thickness,includingcoating and substrate,and place a black backing behind thespecimen. For Color Evaluation—The choice of backing of evenslightly translucent specimens will affect their measurement.Use the most applicable of the backing techniques that follow.In each case it is essential that the backing material and colorbe reproducible, stable, and durable for reliable results.Back the specimen with the same material withwhich it will be backed in its intended use.Back the specimen with identical or similar material. Back the specimen with a neutral material whoseluminous reflectance is essentially the same as that of thespecimen being evaluated. Back the specimen with a black surface such as apainted panel or black glass.Back the specimen with a white backing of knownreflectance.ASTM D3964 pdf download.

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